Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More Big Stuff

It seems like Disney marketing is going the Marvel Studios route with Big Hero 6's marketing. The film is, as we all know, based on a Marvel property, so this decision was logical...

In addition to that nice, unexpectedly minimalist teaser poster above, Disney has released a teaser of a teaser. Just like what Disney marketing and Marvel have been doing with their MCU films since Iron Man 3! I had seen parts of the teaser (it was leaked) last night, but seeing this portion in good quality was just great!

Looks fantastic, I think. A nice little taste of what's to come, and it already establishes how much of genius Hiro is. Don't tell me you didn't get an Iron Man vibe from that first shot! I already love the look of the film, too, from the color work to the character design and art direction to the lighting. This is going to be another visual treat from Walt Disney Animation Studios, and a different kind of visual treat at that!

What did you think of the trailer teaser? What are your thoughts on the poster? Sound off below!

1 comment:

  1. lol seems like no one saw the actual iron man on Hiro's shirt.... Iron man is on his shirt!

    and I love his design even more here. even tho I have some issue with him looking like 8 when hes 14, I guess theyre trying to do the thing where pure Asians r shorter than Americans (which is true if they don't consume things from America that unnaturally make u grow). and I like his skin tone. and mostly, I love how they draw his eyes! even tho im a guy, I love his eyes lol: the way they slanted a bit while keeping the Disney look and his dark brown pupils. there r Asians with huge eyes so this is great.