Friday, May 16, 2014

Super Stuff

In 6 days... Get ready to go big!

That's right, the marketing campaign for this film is going to kick off with a real bang. Let's hope that the teaser is great! Disney did feel the need to tell us in advance that a trailer was going to be readied towards the end of the month since Maleficent is hitting theaters on the 30th... But the fact that this trailer arrives next week means that it may be attached to X-Men: Days of Future Past, which is bound to open with a huge amount. (Some are saying over $100 million!) Now that's how you kick things off!

Also, the a-holes return in this brand new Guardians of the Galaxy poster...

Oh yes, and a new trailer on Monday. This is perhaps one of the best MCU posters, if not the best. It's colorful (color? there's?), the way it's put together is nice and it's just awesome-looking... Like the film itself! Again, it's a miracle that a movie based on this is even happening and it's part of the MCU no less.

Also... Quick thoughts on a particular reveal from the other day: The new Batmobile looks pretty damn cool, but I'm still not too sure about the Batsuit... But if anything, I'm just - again - worried about the script...

X-Men and The Fantastic Four won't share a cinematic universe, all I can say is: Disney needs the FF rights. That is all...

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