Friday, May 16, 2014

'Toy Story of TERROR!' To Hit Blu-ray This Summer

It's about time! Toy Story of TERROR! will be released on Blu-ray this summer!

When? August 19th, the week after Disney will release a ton of their animated classics (such as Ichabod & Mr. Toad, Hercules and Tarzan) on the format, alongside Muppets Most Wanted, which was just announced.

Gee Disney, you want me to go broke in August AND September?? (September is when Disney Infinity 2.0 comes out...)

The edition comes with a good amount of bonus features, too! In addition to a commentary and deleted scenes (let's hope they show the scene where Al himself), we'll also get all three Toy Story Toons. This is good because Partysaurus Rex is currently only available on the 2013 Monsters, Inc. Blu-ray. I own the 2009 Blu-ray, so I didn't feel the need to double-dip for the short, but now... I can own it finally!

If anything though, they should put Party Central on it. What other Disney titles on Blu-ray this year can possibly contain that short? Muppets Most Wanted doesn't seem to have it, which does make sense since Small Fry - which was attached to The Muppets in theaters - wasn't included on the Muppets Blu-ray. I guess we'll have to wait a little while to see that one on home media...

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