Saturday, June 7, 2014

Back on Track

Ant-Man has finally found a new director…

It's been a strange couple of weeks, but now the search for a new director is over. In the chair sits Peyton Reed.

Reed's track record isn't hot and it certainly doesn't consist of Marvel-esque movies: Bring It On, The Break-Up, Yes Man… But he didn't write any of those films and he's a comic fan. He's working off of a modified script that was originally penned by original director Edgar Wright and frequent collaborator Joe Cornish. Hey, who would've thought the directors of You, Me and Dupree would direct Captain America: The Winter Soldier? It's all in the script…

Wright's film was mostly storyboarded, so Reed has a lot to work off of. Adam McKay, who was thought to be the film's replacement director, is actually on board. He'll be helping out with the script. And here's a controversial thought… If Edgar Wright wasn't the original director of this film, would the Internet be this cut up about the departure and subsequent change?

Marvel hasn't proven me wrong yet. Their weakest film in my eyes is still an enjoyable popcorn film that doesn't insult your intelligence. True, I wanted Iron Man 2 to be the film Jon Favreau wanted to make but we still got something cool in the end, even if it was underwhelming in many ways. I hope those kinds of behind-the-scenes troubles don't happen again, but no other Marvel Studios movie since then was on that level. Even Thor: The Dark World, which I initially didn't care for that much, has grown on me. Call me a suck-up all you want...

I say we wait till reviews come out for Ant-Man next summer before we can claim that Marvel screwed up. We have no idea what Wright's film would've been like.

In the mean time, we now know that production is officially set to begin next month. Until then, we should know more about the cast. Is Evangeline Lilly playing Janet van Dyne? Who is Corey Stoll playing? Michael Pena? Patrick Wilson? Matt Gerald? We'll probably hear some more names soon, no?

The revised plot synopsis doesn't seem too altered. There were rumors about Disney or Marvel not liking the main character and they had thought he was too grey of a character or something, but I say BS to that because the new synopsis says he's a con-man and the movie will be a heist movie as planned. Also, the Guardians of the Galaxy in the movie are criminals, so yeah... It doesn't seem like they'll water down Scott Lang…

Also, Mr. Reed was the very person who wanted to do a Fantastic Four movie that was set in the 1960s before he was canned by Fox… And then we got the Tim Story film in 2005. Also, portions of this film are supposed to take place in the 1960s, so choosing him was wise. Also, McKay will breath some coolness into the script but I hope a lot of Wright and Cornish's ideas are preserved, because from the looks of it, the central core has been kept. Reed may have made films like Bring It On and Yes Man, but maybe a comic book movie is his true calling.

We shall see, next summer...


  1. I find it interesting how Marvel seems to be going for a more comedic approach with this one, hiring directors and writers with little or no action background. I still have faith in the project and I think it has massive potential, so here's hoping this is all just a little bump on the road to a great film!

    1. Who would've thought the Russos, known for comedy, could pull off the action epic (with occasionally very funny moments) that was 'The Winter Soldier'? Marvel understands that comedy is indeed a key ingredient to their success, and as much as the "dark and gritty" crowd might dislike that ('Avengers' was too corny and humorous!), it's the reason why we love the movies and why critics like them too. Even something like 'Thor: The Dark World'.

      Wright or no Wright, I think 'Ant-Man' will still turn out fine. Good to see others sharing that optimism! :)