Thursday, June 12, 2014

DreamWorks Bonanza

It's official… DreamWorks is unpredictable. Why? Well, their slate changed yet again and many new additions have taken 2017-2018 slots. Some of which were ones they hadn't taken before!

Captain Underpants is first in line, when is that coming out? No, not March 2017… January 13, 2017… Fox never claimed such a date for DreamWorks film before, or any animated project.

DreamWorks is now going to take advantage of the January release window, which kind of peeves me because I wanted to see more small-scale titles like The Nut Job (budget-wise, of course) and Underdogs (Foosball, originally set for August of this year but it's now a 1/16/2015 release) get the January slots, but maybe a big studio taking it will let the small studios claim other spots, such as summer spots. Hmmm…

Anyways, the January release for this film might suggest that the film will be smaller than DreamWorks' usually $130 million+ films, though starting soon, the budgets will be dialed down to $125 million (maximum)… But this one could be even smaller, maybe the budget will be the size of an Illumination ($70 million) film. Maybe they'll experiment with a cool style for this film if it'll be smaller… Makes me wonder what other films will be like that. But this is all just mere speculation.

Opening November 3, 2017 is The Croods 2. I guess that June 2017 release is out of the question now, but at least they'll take their time on this one. I wasn't big on The Croods, there were elements in it that I liked but I felt it didn't have a center and it pretty much fell apart 30 minutes in. The sequel could be a significant improvement, you never know! I think Madagascar and Madagascar 2 have problems, but I really thought Madagascar 3 was impressive, so you never know!

Speaking of which…

Madagascar 4 is set to open May 18, 2018… This was inevitable, considering that Jeffrey Katzenberg said back in 2010 that the plan was to go up to a fourth one and also, Madagascar 3 was the series' biggest hit, making $742 million at the worldwide box office! Penguins of Madagascar is sure to add to that this fall. I just hope it's decent, because I thought the third one ended the series on a high note, but I guess it'll be nice to see the circus gang again.

One more sequel was announced, and it's one I've been waiting for… Puss in Boots 2: Nine Lives & 40 Thieves

I happened to really like Puss in Boots, in fact I think it's better than any of the Shrek films, because it was a straightforward adventure that worked off of classic fairy tales while poking fun at them. Shrek is certainly good, despite some of the Katzenberg-fueled Disney jabs that I just don't care for, but it's pretty dated. The sequels? Meh. I understand that's a minority opinion though, so I digress.

Anyways, the title hints at an Arabian Nights setting, which is welcome. I'm totally fine with Puss in Boots being thrown into various classic tale settings. Hey, maybe their version of Aladdin will pop up somewhere! The film is set to open on November 2, 2018.

Other than that, the following slots remain vacant:

March 10, 2017
June 16, 2017
July 21, 2017
December 20, 2017
June 29, 2018
July 20, 2018
December 21, 2018

Projects like Flawed Dogs and Larrikins are in active development with directors attached. Me and My Shadow wasn't completely canned, it went back to square one. I expect those films to get release dates soon.

At this point, I have a feeling that Fox will just give up many of those dates and let other animation studios have them. (Other than DreamWorks, they have Blue Sky - who usually make one movie every calendar year - and their own animation house that does stuff once in a blue moon.) DreamWorks now their summer 2018 release scheduled, so I can see them giving up either the 6/29/2018 or 7/20/2018 spots. When Fox had taken many of those dates back in June 2013, I was hoping they wouldn't say what was coming out on those dates for a while, like Disney Animation and Pixar did with a majority of their 2016-2018 dates. But that's their call, and that's okay, because again with DreamWorks, things are definitely bound to change. I mean, if the Penguins/Home switcheroo could happen this late in the game (a teaser for Home was out!), anything is possible…

Speaking of Home, here's the first official trailer… Even though this thing isn't out until next spring!

The animation is fine. Future Earth looks pretty awesome and imaginative, and the different planets look really neat (I hope we get to explore them in the film) as well, but…

I did not like this trailer. It's manic and all over the place. I have no idea if the film will be any good or not, but this trailer sure as hell doesn't make it look like it will be. There's already a lot that I don't like going against what I do like, from the lame jokes to the voice acting. I do really like that cat, though…

Otherwise, I'm barely interested in this. I hope to be proven wrong next spring.

(via Exhibitor Relations)

But wait… There's more!

Posted too soon, Box Office Mojo has a bigger DreamWorks 2017-2018 slate

Larrikins is set to open on February 16, 2018. That's a week after Warner Animation's untitled 2018 project is set to open…

The Mumbai Musical project is now titled "Untitled Kevin Lima Bollywood Musical" and has been pushed to March 10, 2017 from its original March 18, 2016 spot… Now when will Kung Fu Panda 3 move to that 3/18/2016 spot?

Wow… They really, really, really are unpredictable!

One more update…

Missed this one. Boss Baby, a project we've never heard of until now, is set for 3/18/2016. Damn, Kung Fu Panda 3 could've moved to that spot. Gotta move it away from Star Wars Episode VII, ya know?


  1. Huh, interesting slate. I'm all for DreamWorks doing sequels as long as they take their time and do them right, which they seem to be doing.

    I enjoyed The Croods for what it was (even bought it on Blu-ray), and I'm hoping the sequel will improve on what the original didn't do so well. But I am totally down for another outing in that world.

    I thought Madagascar 3 both wrapped up the series nicely (the animals finally make it back to New York but ultimately decide not to stay) while still leaving the door open for more installments. So if the fourth is a fun ride with a decent story like the third one was, great!

    I too have been waiting for a Puss in Boots 2 announcement. I loved the first one and have wanted a sequel since I first watched it, so I'm very happy that it's coming.

    Home...well, I'll admit, the trailer makes it look better than I expected. Visually it looks really nice, and I chuckled at a few parts in the trailer, but I'm still a bit on the fence. The bland title, celebrity casting, and Rihanna-infested soundtrack don't help either.

    Overall though, not a bad slate. Perhaps not as promising or ambitious as Pixar's or WDAS', but exciting nonetheless.

  2. I'm excited to see all of these movies, yes, even Home. I wish its name was still Happy Smekday! though. And I hope that Home will surprise us and get positive reviews. By the way, why they haven't changed Kung Fu Panda 3's release date? And what could that 'Boss Baby' movie be? Imagine if it was a story about a baby who becomes an office's boss xD
    But I hope that Madagascar 4 and The Croods 2 will be decent and awesome movies! :)