Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Trailer Batch: Trolls and Penguins

Two trailers, and just in time for what will most likely be 2014's highest grossing animated feature...

First up, an actual full trailer for The BoxTrolls, here at last!

I love the first half, and I already love the film's setting and the titular creatures. It looks like the movie is jam-packed with inventiveness and many cool little things. I was also surprised to see the exterminator villain pilot a sort-of Victorian era steampunk mech suit. That was certainly… Unexpected! But that's what I expect from one of the best animation studios out there.

However, the second half of the trailer is absolutely frenetic. A mishmash of action, action, screaming, action, screaming, jokes, screaming… Kind of obnoxious, but everything does look good and I'm sure the film will be excellent. ParaNorman's second trailer was just like this, but the film turned out to be a classic. Again, it's a LAIKA film.

The BoxTrolls will most likely kick this autumn's animation slate with a bang...

Second, a mostly fast-paced but enjoyable teaser for Penguins of Madagascar.

Not much to say here. The little convo between Skipper and Classified is easily the best bit, followed by the penguins having fun with the moonwalk. After the triple-dose of awesomeness that'll be The BoxTrolls, The Book of Life and Big Hero 6, we'll have this fun little treat as dessert that'll cap off the fall animation platter.

What do you think of these trailers? Are you anticipating both films? Sound off below!


  1. YES! I LOVE THE BOXTROLLS TRAILER!!! not that much of a Madagascar fan, and I find the penguins obnoxious in the first 3 films, so I dunno how to feel about that.

  2. Looking forward to BoxTrolls, Laika's work is always phenomenal.

    The Penguins movie looks like a ton of fun. The Madagascar films have gotten progressively better with each installment, and the penguins are easily one of the highlights of the franchise. This one looks like it's capitalizing on that fact and embracing the wacky zaniness of the Madagascar universe, as it should be. Also, there's a certain glee in hearing Benedict Cumberbatch's voice come out of an anthropomorphic wolf. I will be there opening night.