Friday, July 11, 2014

Bits Journal #18

All Disney bits this time...

I'm also not going to talk about the live action Dumbo. At this point, I'm not going to waste my time venting about this new routine Disney's live action studio is being forced to follow and why I believe/possibly know why it's happening. I'll give you the short version: I'm bummed. Not angry, not in the mood to rant, just bummed that Disney's live action studio has come to this. I don't even care if it could be good (though with Ehren Transformers 2-4 Kruger writing it, I highly doubt it will be), it's not necessary. Original, fresh projects are waiting for the go-head while redundant stuff like this moves forward…

Okay, rant over…

Now onto the good stuff…

Here's a piece of Big Hero 6 merchandise, a storybook to be exact, showing the character designs. They highly resemble the ones seen in the leaked art, but remember what that WDAS member said: The designs may not be the exact final ones. Remember… Frozen's early leaked posters!

That being said, the only new thing it reveals is what Fred looks like as a human. All of the leaked art showed him as a kaiju. Also, Honey Lemon doesn't closely resemble Rapunzel in this so all that worry about her looking just like Rapunzel in the film could be put to rest. (Not that I really minded in the first place, but…)

Also, our reliable Alberta Film Ratings revealed that a new Big Hero 6 trailer is coming next week! According to the rating, it runs over two minutes so I'm assuming this isn't a second teaser showing a gag or something. No Baymax antics, this will be a full trailer showing off the story. Maybe. Or perhaps it'll reveal the other four members of the team instead of outlining the basic plot. Who knows!

This move certainly goes against the routine taken for Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen. With those films, we got the teaser in May/June and the trailer in September. The marketing department went an extra mile for Frozen's campaign, giving us a great trailer in October of last year. So now we're getting the trailer a lot earlier than expected, which is good. They're kicking this campaign off to a great start, and I did praise the teaser. It was funny throwback to The Incredibles' first teaser.

I'm really excited to see more, of course. They also have a good reason to unravel a new trailer next week, Planes: Fire and Rescue opens next Friday. Though I'm not interested in seeing the film, I've heard that it's surprisingly decent and according to some sources (such as a staffer Steve Hulett mentioned on the TAG Blog) that it's "lightyears" ahead of the first film. I wouldn't be surprised, actually.

Now onto what the Emeryville house is up to…

That's right, a first look at Lava, the short that's debuting before Inside Out next summer! The piece also reveals the volcano lovers' names, Uku and Lele. Clever, Pixar. Clever.

Do I love it? Is the Popemobile Catholic? Yes, I do love it. I love how the structure around him looks like two arms and facial features. It's really cool-looking, and I'm sure like anything else Pixar has ever done, it'll be a real visual treat.

There's not much else to say, but again, it should be a fine short.

Also, this is belated, but… Guardians of the Galaxy footage!

Let me tell you without spoiling anything, the roughly 15-minute sequence they showed indicates just how wild, wonderfully weird and rip-roaringly hilarious this new Marvel epic will be. The setting is awesome, the tone they establish is instantly likable, it definitely bears the trademark of its director. There have been recent criticisms of Marvel Studios' MCU films, as these folks feel like the films are all the same and lack any stamps of their respective directors, but I beg to differ, this film already being my #1 argument.

The sequence was a blend of this kind of quirkiness matched with really thrilling action (since it's been tinkered for IMAX, a particular scene towards the end made you feel like you were on a roller coaster!) and character moments. These five faces really shine, their personalities jump off the screen. Rocket, obviously, is the show-stealer. However, I sense Groot might be the ensemble dark horse here. "I am Groot…"

Also, that colorful poster above? Oh yeah, they handed those bad boys out at the event

In other words, I'm psyched to see this film. That footage alone establishes that this film will be Marvel Studios' next Iron Man. A triumphant beginning of something big: The cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


  1. Can u show me the link for the Planes 2 review u mentioned?

    1. - Not a review, just a mention from a DisneyToon staff member.

    2. In Metacritic, there r 2 positive and 2 mixed reviews. Not bad imo.