Thursday, July 24, 2014

Some Comic-Con Stuff

Just a heads up, I'll be on vacation for a week, so don't expect any new posts until August 3rd at the earliest… Where will I be? Walt Disney World!

Anyways, here are some brief thoughts on some stuff that's been unveiled at Comic-Con…

- Toy Story That Time Forgot sounds fresh and exciting, and it's cool to see Pixar riffing on 80s toys and cartoons. I also like the plot very much, and that Mike Mignola-designed poster? Beautiful. The creative team went as far as creating a whole new fictional series, much like how they crafted Buzz Lightyear's universe, for a 30-minute short. Again, this is the way to go with the series, and it'll definitely make up for the lack of a new Pixar film this year. Rotoscoper Pablo covered this and has provided many images as well...

- What they said about Big Hero 6, especially the technical challenges the animators faced during production, was also fascinating. Also, the villain featured briefly in the US teaser is actually named Yokai. So I guess Alan Tudyk's Alistair Krell isn't the main baddie or is a baddie, or is he? Again, you never know. *cough*Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen*cough*

- The new photo of Ben Affleck's Batman from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice doesn't look too bad. It's also been teased that The Rock could play Shazam, which implies that the Shazam movie WB/DC wants to make is moving forward and may just make its planned summer 2016 release.

- Remember that movie Pixels? It was supposed to come out back in May 2013, then summer 2014… Now it's really on track for May 2015, and as reported before, it will star Adam Sandler. However, it could be okay since he's not writing the script. Let's just hope it's a good, creative comedy because the premise does sound pretty cool.

- James Gunn supposedly wants to do a Thunderbolts movie for Marvel… Basically, a villain team-up. Possible contenders? Well, it's a team of reformed villains… Thunderbolt Ross/Red Hulk is a possibility, and if we get a Hulk solo during Phase 3, he could be the villain in order to set up a Thunderbolts film… Maybe, maybe…

- I also saw what appears to be a tech glove that'll be used in B.O.O., and it looks pretty neat.

- The SpongeBob movie sequel's first look image… Ummm… Don't know what to say, really.

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  1. Have fun at Disney World. I know you'll have a blast, and I say this as a former Disney College Program cast member.