Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Amazing Sinking Ship

Sums it all up...

Though a lot of this is rumor-mill and insider stuff, Sony's Amazing Spider-Man franchise is apparently in trouble. Big trouble…

As Badass Digest noted, writer Alex Kurtzman's recent comments on the direction the franchise is going in are quite telling. Same with Roberto Orci pulling out of the third film and saying he didn't know where the series was headed either. Kurtzman last said that the focus was on The Sinister Six, which Drew Goddard will direct and will begin filming in January 2015…

Oh wait a minute.

It might be dead. Latino-Review's elmayimbe says it's dead, though again, it's rumblings - he's been good with his scoops lately, though. It may very well be true.

When it was announced that The Sinister Six might begin filming in January, I took it with a grain of salt. However, when Drew Goddard left Marvel's Daredevil Netflix series for Sinister Six, then I assumed that it was indeed moving forward. Then I said, "Okay then, Sinister Six in 2016 and The Amazing Spider-Man 3 in 2018." Reports than surfacing, suggesting that Sony was having problems with part three and were thinking of pushing it back to 2017. I kept thinking, "No. 2018."

This is all a muddled mess, but rumors of the whole series being in trouble really make sense. How in the world would they do the Sinister Six movie before Amazing Spider-Man 3 anyway? Only Green Goblin and Rhino were set up, the other four would have to be hastily introduced in the film, making the series an even bigger clustercuss than it already is. If Sinister Six is dead, then does that mean the Sinister Six will be the villains in the third one with no introduction to Doc Ock, Mysterio, Kraven and Vulture? Or will Spidey simply take on one or two menaces?

Who the hell knows at this point…

One thing is for certain, it's all the fault of Avi Arad and his Sony cronies. Webb is apparently trying his hardest to make good Spider-Man films, but the executives keep squashing out his finer ideas and are forcing stuff into his films. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the leaked details from the original script and Arad's interference with Spider-Man 3 form, to me, rock-solid evidence that they are at fault. Arad was fired from Marvel for a reason, Mr. "I created the MCU" Arad.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was also expected to take in over $750 million at the worldwide box office, Sony apparently thought they had a $1 billion smash on their hands… But it made $700 million. That's a crapload of money, but with the amount that Sony spent making and marketing this, it's a disappointment to them. Let that sink in for a moment. $700 million is "a disappointment" to some Hollywood studio…

Yes, I bet there's panic at Sony right now.

I liked The Amazing Spider-Man a great deal, even though it did get hacked up on the cutting room floor at the eleventh hour. An entire subplot seemed to go missing along with many other things, stuff that was shown in the film's trailers, no less. With all those cuts, I still enjoyed it immensely. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 drained my interest in future installments. One half of it is really trying to be a great, arguably quintessential Spider-Man film, the other half aggressively doesn't even try. Or if it does try, it tries to be garbage. The original script details more than prove that to me.

The original script really seemed to focus on Peter and Gwen more, there was no tacked-on Sinister Six set-up stuff (Rhino was simply going to cameo, that was it), Electro was less underdeveloped, and the story actually seemed to follow the first one instead of seeming like it was distanced from it.

Does this mangling sound familiar?

Arad apparently thinks he's an artist or something, considering that he and his brigade hacked up three Spider-Man films. In a row! Did the success of Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 really get to his head? Most likely, but man… Talk about a massive ego. Then he has the gall to say he's the real mastermind behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, among other things.

Well good job to him, he screwed what could've been a fresh new start for Spider-Man on the silver screen. Luckily for him, Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man were profitable. Sure he took one hit, Sam Raimi and the original cast packed up and left the series, but he was really unfazed because the reboot did well. Now he has a disappointment under his belt, and the series is seemingly collapsing and crumbling. I wouldn't be surprised if Marc Webb wants out, or any of the actors at this point. It's a real sinking ship at this point…

Of course, you know what will be talked about now… A certain house of mouse could be ready to sink its claws into a prime cut of the superhero steak.

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