Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Inevitably Superb Japanese Trailer

The Japanese trailer for Big Hero 6 is finally here, and no shock, it's excellent…

That being said, like most Japanese trailers for Disney Animation and Pixar films (Monsters University immediately comes to mind), there are spoilers. However, the spoiler here - if you don't want to watch the trailer - is something that'll most likely happen in the first half of the film. I knew this particular spoiler was coming since it may have happened in the comics (if I can recall correctly), but read no further if you want to avoid any spoilers for the film.

You have been warned…

Okay, here we go:

Japanese trailers for Disney Animation and Pixar films are notable for their emphasis on the more dramatic and emotional sides of the respective films, and this teaser is no different. It begins with the funeral for Tadashi, Hiro's older brother who I assume is killed by the villain(s) early on in the film. Then afterwards, we get the dose of funny stuff, using footage from the first US teaser plus new footage.

Also, as expected, the film dons a different title in Japan. Interesting that they went with the title Baymax, though it isn't surprising. Wreck-It Ralph was titled Sugar Rush in Japan to emphasize the cute game that a majority of the film takes place in, so it would make sense to have this film be titled after the cute dot-eyed, big balloon robot.

Suffice to say, it looks fantastic. While our recent American teaser is all about the humor (I do like it though, since it focuses on humor all throughout), this one balances the funny and emotional stuff quite effectively. I wish more American trailers for animated films could do that, instead of aggressively ping-ponging between funny stuff and story details. Seriously, it's like being thrown around when watching those…

One last note, the Japanese release date is a lot more reasonable: December 20th. Now if only Disney could've been as nice to the UK and most of Europe… (So sorry that I had to remind you.)

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