Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Into the Brain

If you happen to have a Disney Movies Anywhere account and happen to own one of Pixar's films on it (whether you bought it there or if you entered the DVD or Blu-ray's included digital copy code on Disney Movie Rewards), you can watch a first look at Inside Out… Ahhh, exclusivity. Don't ya love it?

Anyways, some folks were nice enough to take screenshots, such as fellow Pixar blogger Ben Zacuto on his Everything Pixar blog!

First up, here's Riley Anderson, her brain being where the film takes place. I got to admit the design reminded me a bit of Molly from Toy Story 3, but I like how they did the nose. Looks like a typical Pixar human design. The house setting behind her looks Monsters University-esque, in terms of the textures and surfaces.

Now the emotions who make up the main cast...

Anger (voiced by Lewis Black) 

Fear (voiced by Bill Hader) 

Sadness (voiced by Phyllis Smith) 

Disgust (voiced by Mindy Kaling) 

Joy (voiced by Amy Poehler)

Of course, these are the same designs we saw last year, and I was initially not too big on them. I love the designs now, thanks to a recent unveiling of the current versions that look complete, rather than the ones that looked like earlier renders at D23. Seeing them in motion in the clip was great too, their movements are unlike what we've seen in earlier Pixar films. They definitely go a more cartoony, squash-and-stretch look for the emotion characters, and from what they showed, the approach will pay off greatly.

The image of Riley and the footage of the emotions implies that the world of the girl's brain will be different in many ways. The real world, from that still, is essentially like the other Pixar films in terms of the movements and art direction. The brain might be totally different, given the emotions being more cartoony. Perhaps the different lands of the mind will be brought to life in different forms of computer animation, many different art styles. Kind of like how Disney's Wreck-It Ralph had three different styles for the three different game worlds it took place… Maybe a section might even be brought to life with traditional animation! Also, Pixar has been quietly developing a painterly form of CGI that's not too far removed from Disney's Paperman and Feast. Damn, I really want to see more of this film now! So much to speculate about!

This first look perhaps indicates that a trailer might be around the corner, too… What do you think?

What's your take on the footage? What do you think of the film possibly having multiple animation styles? Sound off below!

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