Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Make Your Move

Warner Bros./DC have struck back with a slate that's a similar to Marvel's. A long string of untitled event films from DC that will be part of the DC Cinematic Universe that they are trying to construct…

For starters, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has finally been moved. Has it moved to a later summer date? No, instead it'll be a rather unorthodox March 25, 2016 release. Now it isn't an unusual date for a superhero movie or a big budget blockbuster, as we've smash hits and big-budget films like Alice in Wonderland and The Hunger Games open during March, alongside director Zack Snyder's own 300 and Watchmen.

It is however, an unusual date for a WB/DC film. Ever since 1989's Batman, every film - with the exception of Snyder's Watchmen - based on DC characters have always been June or July releases in the US, even the non-Superman/Batman likes of Catwoman, Steel and Green Lantern. This will be the first Superman-based film (sans 1984's Supergirl) to be released outside of June or July domestically since Superman, way back in 1978. It's a good date, and it'll have enough time to make bank before the super soldier comes crashing in. Also, fans won't have to wait any longer for it…

On top of that, Warner Bros. went all out and unleashed a full slate of DC films. The following dates have been locked…

August 5, 2016
June 23, 2017
November 17, 2017
March 23, 2018
July 27, 2018
April 5, 2019
June 14, 2019
April 3, 2020
June 19, 2020

In addition to that, two "Event" films from WB are set to open on 11/16/2018 and 11/20/20 respectively. I assume these have nothing to with DC, and if so… What could they possibly be? Fantastic Beasts 2 and 3? Or something else? Another story for another day…

A slate of future DC films had leaked a while back, and the films in question on that list are apparently going to happen. The choice of release dates however were inaccurate (i.e. The Sandman was slated for Christmas 2016), so fans will attempt to fill in the blanks. Heck, I'll try given what we know!

8/5/2016 - Shazam
6/23/2017 - Justice League
11/17/2017 - The Sandman
3/23/2018 - Wonder Woman
7/27/2018 - Man of Steel 2
4/5/2019 - Green Lantern / The Flash
6/14/2019 - Untitled Batman Solo
4/3/2020 - not sure, could be a sequel to something like Wonder Woman or something new like Metal Man
6/19/2020 - Justice League 2

Yep, they have made their move… As skeptical as I am of their future films, I like this new slate very much. The dates are pretty reasonable and while some of them are pitted against animated films that could get hit hard by the them (yet another story for another day), they are distanced from other superhero films.

Also, I'm just hoping Batman v Superman puts all of my worries to rest and that it's actually a decent film. It could be, or it could be another misfire like Man of Steel. We shall see, but this is the film. To me it's the real start of the DCCU, and I think it's got to be really good because it's already packing so much and a lot is riding on it.

Please, WB, DC Ent., Zack Snyder, Chris Terrio, everyone else involved… Prove me wrong, I won't rule out of the possibility of you folks doing so.

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  1. my guess: reason why they moved Batman v Superman: Guardians of the Galaxy succeeded.