Monday, September 15, 2014

Ghostly Summer

Our official first peek at DreamWorks' animated ghost comedy B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations comes not from the studio, but rather merchandise…

This learn-to-draw book, to be exact…

The designs aren't too bad, and I'm sure they'll probably work better in the film itself considering that the promo art for most animated films usually looks a bit off in ways. Jackson Moss, Seth Rogen's character (can't ya tell?) was revealed at the Licensing Expo months ago, and that's Melissa McCarthy's character next to him. Who is the Jimmy Neutron/Sherman-looking boy on the top of the cover? Well the cast lists a character named Henry, played by 14-year-old Benjamin Stockham (About a Boy), so I'm guessing that's him.

I can't say much about the film itself, but it's got Puss in Boots' screenwriter Tom Wheeler attached, the director of MGM's 2008 animation release Igor will helm it. It seems like it's up his alley, anyways. The cast seems right, Bill Murray is in it!

The trailer, I'm guessing, will arrive sometime this autumn. With this book cover already released, it's clear that this will remain a summer 2015 release. I had wished that Fox/DreamWorks would swap it with December 2015's Kung Fu Panda 3; have that prequel open in the summer while this film opens in October 2015, and away from Star Wars Episode VII. What is it with Fox/DreamWorks and their release dates?

What do you think of the character designs? Are you looking forward to this DreamWorks original? Sound off below!


  1. The whole concept sounds Meh to me. Outside of The Prince of Egypt, I never really cared that much about any of DreamWorks Animation's stuff (mostly thanks to Shrek and its dated pop culture references). To me, their works seem like something that would be more fit for Nickelodeon rather than theatres. That's just me though.

  2. Have you seen the 'Kung Fu Panda' and 'How To Train Your Dragon' films? I think those are very good/great animated films, with good storytelling and compelling worlds. I also really loved 'Rise of the Guardians', if you haven't seen these films, I highly recommend them. They aren't anything like the Shreks or any of their mid-2000s era films, IMO.

    1. I actually heard great things about those two films. Kung-Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon are pretty much the only two recent DreamWorks films or film series I want to see, because at least they're branching out of their comfort zone.