Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Quick Thoughts on 'The Story of Frozen'

The Story of Frozen was a nice little treat.

It wasn't as in-depth as I thought it would be, but it did reveal a few little stories. A good chunk of the documentary focused on earlier incarnations of Elsa, where she was actually an all-out evildoer. This also explains why the first plot synopsis that surfaced in summer 2012 mentioned an army of "menacing snowmen". The story people did at least try to keep a fragment, or should I say tiny snowflake, of that in the finished film.

The real focus was on the songs and the characters, along with a nice little bit on the creation of Elsa's palace. There was also a good amount of fluff that I totally could've done without (if I hear "Frozen is soooo progressive" one more freakin' time), and some generalizations about the older Disney classics, but for a roughly hour-long documentary it does its job. It's geared more towards the masses, giving them an overview of how a big studio animated film is normally made with some history and fun facts thrown in between. Of course, the animation nut that I am wants something bigger and much more in-depth.

The same goes for everything Disney Animation has done since 2007… Or heck, everything they've done! Every Disney animated feature should have a Blu-ray set packed to the brim with in-depth documentaries!

Of course, they showed a clip from Big Hero 6, a very funny one at that. Baymax is going to be huge in particular…

There was nothing on future Disney Animation films, no mention of Zootopia or anything post-Big Hero 6

As for the future of Frozen… Well… It continues in the form of a short film. That's right, a short film titled Frozen Fever. It'll debut in early 2015, our best guess is that it's attached to Disney's live action take on Cinderella which opens in March. Either that, or maybe a spring 2015 re-release of Aladdin. I'd like to see Disney do that, actually.

What did you think of the special?

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  1. The special was great! It was a lot of fun to see what Disney has in store for the franchise. I also can't wait for the Frozen short. As for the documentary being more in depth, I'm gonna have to agree with you on that. They also should have told the audience things like why they decided to go from hand-drawn to CG in terms of the technique used. Speaking of which, Chris Buck said during a live tweet that it actually had to do with the fact that he and Jennifer Lee wanted the "scope to be huge", and it also had to do with the ice and snow environment they wanted for the film.