Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sailing Closer to Theaters

Genndy Tartakovsky's Popeye film seems like it's closer than ever before…

Sony Animation released a video today that he hosts, a video that contains some test animation, showing what direction Tartakovsky and crew want to go in for this adaptation of the classic sailor man. I've been anticipating this project for a long while, being a big fan of Popeye, and an admirer of Tartakovsky's work. Sony Animation was actually originally going to release Popeye this month, as the film was pegged for 9/26/2014 over a year ago! But right now, it doesn't have a release date, but this footage indicates that it's coming sooner than I was assuming.

Wow… This is basically an extension of what we saw in the Cloudy films and Hotel Transylvania, and I'm glad that Sony might be making this their house style. It makes me wonder if their all-animated Smurfs movie reboot will be like this, along with most of their other upcoming productions like Lauren Faust's Medusa. Anyways, the movements are great and the pace is wonderfully frenetic. There's a real wild energy to it, and it's respectful of the Fleischer classics, but fresh, new and original in its own way. The characters don't look half bad in CG form, either! It was also nice to see Eugene the Jeep, and the look of the film itself is almost painterly in a way. It keeps a traditional animation feel, which works well with all the movements. Also, get a load of the concept art that was shown in the introduction… Lovely stuff! Also, Tartakovsky's presentation is very inspiring and great to watch.

Tartakovsky, according to reports, is set to wrap up Hotel Transylvania 2 sometime later in the year as that film hits theaters next autumn. (9/25/2015 to be exact.) The reports say that he'll go straight to Popeye in early 2015, which implies that the film will in fact be released in 2016. I had doubted that: Sony moved Popeye from its original fall 2014 date, and simply said it would be a 2015 release. That obviously wasn't going to work out, considering that back then, both Smurfs #3 and Hotel Transylvania 2 were pegged for 2015. So for a while, it was assumed that the film would be a 2016 release instead.

Then Sony locked the 9/23/2016 slot for an untitled film, and the Smurfs film ended up moving to August 2016. I had assumed that Tartakovsky wouldn't do two films at once, but he's apparently going to get right to work on Popeye after Hotel Transylvania 2 wraps up. That report, and the test animation already being done, indicate that Popeye well be Sony Animation's mystery fall 2016 release. Now the bigger question is, when will we find out? We shall see…


  1. Wow! Looks like other studios are trying to emulate what Disney is doing these days. They're choosing to do their movies in CG, and yet they have a hand-drawn underbelly.

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  3. I don't know how I feel about overly cartoony movements in computer-animation. I know 'Inside Out' is kind of doing that, but they are not going so overly cartoony I just say, "Why didn't they just make in hand-drawn?" And don't give me that thing about "Because hand-drawn is dead" stuff.

    1. I know for a fact that hand-drawn isn't dead, but sadly executives don't think the same way.

    2. Exactly, there are some short films like 'Paperman', 'Get a Horse', and the upcoming 'Feast' that use 2D! Sure all those shorts also use computer-animation, but they show that classic animation still has potential. Then comes in Sony with overly-cartoony CG animated movies, and it just looks weird not seeing the characters in 2D because their kind of animation will work perfectly in 2D!

      Also, thank you for replying!

  4. Oh and also, I like your awesome blog!