Thursday, October 2, 2014

Are You In?

The wait is finally over… The teaser for Pixar's next film! It certainly feels weird having to wait nearly a year and a half for one!

Anyways, here it is in all its glory!

If I had to rank Pixar's teasers, this would probably be in the top three alongside WALL-E's teaser and Brave's teaser. The Incredibles' hilarious belt teaser would be a close second to the top three. This teaser does what a teaser should do, in my opinion: Simply introduce the out-there concept, show us what the movie will look like (the brain is very colorful and sci-fi/spacey), introduce the main characters, but do it all quickly and get the point across. It succeeds greatly, it's like a cross between Up's first domestic trailer that had a Pixar film montage (since Up was Pixar's 10th film) before the main attraction. I especially love how it took the film's five emotions and based the whole montage around that. It basically sums up everything we love about Pixar: The laughs, the heartbreak, the happiness, the intense moments, the moments where… Um… Characters get angry? The whole shebang.

I also really, really like the teaser poster. It's very minimalist yet it's very colorful and it really grabs your attention. I already like where Disney and Pixar are going with the marketing for this, and I'm sure the film will really deliver.

It looks like yet another home run for the Emeryville house.

What's your take on the teaser and the poster? Sound off below!


  1. I think Pixar is going a different way from what they usually do. This movie looks so different from what they have ever made. But I'm sure it's going to be great. It's a Pixar movie.

  2. I love the teaser. Kind of made me want to get back into Pixar. Personally, I was disappointed in Pixar's latest efforts. It seemed to me that the stories were getting pretty weak. Don't get me wrong, I thought stuff like Monsters University was great, but I felt Brave was pretty bad, because it felt more like an animated Freaky Friday with an ancient Scotland setting to me more than anything. If you're wondering what I'm taking about, I mean the aspect of the rebellious teenage daughter and stern mother and their relationship. My apologies for being so negative about Brave, this is solely my opinion, and I'm sure Inside Out will be great.

    1. At least you say it's your opinion, unlike most of the Internet.