Friday, October 10, 2014

Bye Bye BOM [False Alarm]

Unfortunately, a really great site has now gone the way of the dodo…

Box Office Mojo, an incredibly reliable and fun-to-use source for box office and movie business, has been shut down by its parent company. Who is this company you may ask? A little website called IMDb…

Yes that's right, IMDb. I stopped using IMDb (I only go there once in a blue moon) a long time ago, for multiple reasons: Not fond of their layout, only good for a few things (the international release dates and such for movies is very helpful), and their message boards have become a wasteland. But now I'm not pleased with the site's runners and have an urge to simply avoid the site. (I'll only use it for those aforementioned release dates and perhaps some other bits of info) Why did they have to shut down Box Office Mojo completely? We didn't seem to get an official reason, and a lot of people and professionals on the blogosphere are rightfully upset and frustrated.

So, no more adjuster counter. No more fun lists and variety, and I presume no more really good and analytical articles from the site's runner, Ray Subers. Seriously, it had lots of useful tools and everything.

IMDb, or whoever at who made this decision, is/are totally in the wrong. They have no idea what they have created. I remember back in 2011, Box Office Mojo used to have forums and a derby. You could participate in the derby and submit predictions, and see which ones you got right and which ones you got wrong. I did well in some, I did poorly in some, but what was cool was that the site saved the results of every weekend. When IMDb took over BOM that year, the forums and the derby were torpedoed. Gone were all the results, the game, all the swamps of forum posts… Everyone was angry, and most of the folks migrated over to's forums. Still, what the hell was that for? We didn't seem to get any explanation from what I can remember.

Now the site is gone. Want weekend numbers and total grosses? Go to IMDb, The Numbers,, whatever. But you're not going to get all those other cool features and such. They didn't bother to port any of them over to IMDb, which is inexcusable. A full-on move wouldn't bother me, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. IMDb essentially engulfed the site, like an octopus spreading its tentacles.

Box Office Mojo is now unfortunately dead, and I anticipate to hear whatever lame excuse from IMDb or whoever sometime in the future…

Shame on you, IMDb.

Update (10/11): Okay, it looks like IMDb didn't engulf Box Office Mojo after all… Even when it seemed likely that it did, from the disappearance of the site to the author's lack of tweets in the last few days. The site, however, is the same as before. No redesign, no new features… Was it just down this whole time?

In other news, Box Office Mojo is back!


  1. IMDB is a stie I always wanted to ove, but I never could.

  2. ...everything's back to normal.

  3. Hmm...maybe the site was planned to be taken down forever, but after the uproar by us, IMDb realized they made a stupid move. Nevertheless, welcome back, B.O.M.!