Monday, October 20, 2014

Dino Director

The director of The Good Dinosaur has been confirmed!

Yes, the director is none other than former co-director Pete Sohn, as I and others have speculated. Here is a video of him drawing Arlo for us, which Pixar just posted on their Facebook

Arlo looks a bit different in the sketch, as his snout is not as long. But this probably has nothing to do with the final design, as animation production itself probably hasn't begun yet or the film is in the very early stages. (Not uncommon. Just look at the first teaser trailer for Cars, which slipped in what was going to be Lightning McQueen's final design at one point.)

Also, look on the right behind Sohn. Spot looks like an entirely different kid. Compare the image to the concept art of him that they showed at D23 last summer.

The good thing is, we finally know who has been taking care of the dinos. Of course, after that tweet sent by a former Pixar TD a few months back, I had assumed Sohn had taken over. Best of luck to him on his directorial debut, and best of luck to the crew! I'm very interested to hear what the changed, "re-imagined" story is like. One thing seems certain though, the characters have kept their names. John Lithgow had mentioned that he was still onboard the project and he had to re-record his whole role after the story change, alongside Francis McDormand. The two of them are voicing the parents, and his comments lead to some speculation over whether the rest of the cast has remained onboard or not.

I'd assume so. Lucas Neff, who was set to voice Arlo, originally had a Twitter bio that mentioned the film, but that probably doesn't mean much. Neil Patrick Harris is apparently still on board, as his bio mentions Pixar. Watch him announce something about it when he hosts the Oscars in a few months.

But as I said a little while back, we probably won't hear much about this film for a little while, since Pixar has a whole other 2015 movie to promote first.

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