Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ideas: How To Fit Spidey Into Phase 3

The following is based off of rumors that have been flying around, rumors that imply that Sony has really hit the wall with their Amazing Spider-Man series and now have no idea what to do with the character.

One of these rumors suggested that the 2016 release The Sinister Six will be a "soft reboot" of the series with a new actor playing Peter Parker, and Spider-Man actually teams up with the Sinister Six to take down an even bigger threat. Lame…

Someone else interpreted it as this: Marvel Studios is making the reboot, and Sony is making the money on the side - co-distributing with Disney.

If that were true, how would that work out? How would they integrate the web-slinger into the MCU without having to retell the origins of Peter Parker yet again? Especially during the Third Phase of the massive series? Here's my idea…

In this scenario, Sony halts their Amazing Spider-Man series. Marvel Studios takes over the series, and reboots it so it can fit into the MCU. Sony will sit by the side, and simply make money off of the resulting movie and Spider-Man’s appearance in The Avengers 3.

The reboot, probably titled something like The Spectacular Spider-Man, plays out like The Incredible Hulk, where the whole origin story isn’t the focus of the film’s first half. It can establish that Parker has existed in the MCU this whole time. It would also work because Marvel Studios is no longer using the typical origin story for their future films, Guardians of the Galaxy proved that this strategy can definitely work. Ant-Man and Doctor Strange will follow suit, WB/DC is doing something similar with Batman for Batman v Superman.

Instead of Peter Parker, we'll go for Miles Morales here. Adds diversity to the MCU line-up, and also… It's not Peter Parker's story all over again! It's also nice because Avi Arad apparently refuses to ever let someone other than Parker be Spider-Man in the Sony-Spidey films. Parker could exist in this series, or maybe not… More on that later. Morales could be shown or mentioned in a Marvel One-Shot sometime around 2015, or can appear in one of Marvel’s TV shows. On an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode, OsCorp could be the main focus. The episode has a scene showing a high school class on a field trip, the episode ends with Morales getting bit. A little stinger at the end! Everyone goes nuts.

Around the time of the events of Captain America 3 (when is this movie going to get a full title?) and Doctor Strange (set around late 2015-early 2016), Morales is now coping with his powers. He's gone around New York, stopping some criminals here and there. It's caught some attention, without a doubt. *cough*S.H.I.E.L.D.*cough* A S.H.I.E.L.D. episode could be about the team investigating that "spider guy". Morales can appear in a few episodes, which is more than enough to set-up a brand new solo film that doesn't begin with Spidey's origins.

The Spectacular Spider-Man kicks off with him already donning the Spider-Man suit. The movie pits him against Chameleon, Spider-Man’s first ever nemesis in the comics. Drew Goddard will write and direct, Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon oversee it, it comes out in November 2016 - currently the timeframe Sony intends to release the next Spidey-centric film in their seemingly-dead series. It’s another critical and commercial smash for Marvel that renews interest in the Spider-Man character - being the definitive Spidey film that combines the best elements of Sam Raimi's series and Marc Webb's series. It also lines up perfectly, considering that in 2017 and 2018, Marvel is releasing three movies: One in May, one in July, and the last in November. So a new Spidey fits into fall 2016, nicely alongside summer releases Cap 3 and Doctor Strange.

Best of all, it doesn’t go against the overall game plan, it expands on it, and the Spider-Man character is fresh and new again despite the fact that he’s been rebooted just two years after the last series. (No one seems to mind an all-new Batman hitting the silver screen, 4 years after the Nolan trilogy ended.) Then do some more One-Shots inbetween this film and Avengers 3, or maybe even a show, then have him join The Avengers and take on Thanos.

After Avengers 3, Spidey’s second solo outing should pit him against a villain we haven’t seen on film before. Perhaps maybe The Vulture? Mysterio? Kraven the Hunter? So many good options here, considering Spider-Man’s rogues gallery. Norman Osborn can indeed be in this universe, but as a minor character for now. No Goblin just yet, though we still gotta have the Goblin in some way. I'd keep Norman Osborn around because… Well… With Spidey back in the Marvel Studios stable, that might mean… CIVIL WAR! But without the X-Men and Fantastic Four, so that's a bit of long shot.

All of this could happen if either Disney buys Spider-Man from Sony, or Disney and Sony reach an agreement where Sony simply makes money off of future Spider-Man films in the MCU without being involved in any way. (Hey, what exec wouldn't want that???) Oh, and in that scenario, Avi Arad, Tom Rothman and a good number of suits will have been fired before then so nothing possibly gets screwed up. It is still watched over like a hawk by Kevin Feige, Joss Whedon and the top brass.

How would integrate the web-slinger into the MCU?


  1. Who is actually getting final cut privileges on the Spider-Man movies?

  2. Speaking of Disney and comic book movies, what's your take on the idea of Disney and Time Warner/DC merging (it's mentioned in the link below, as one of a number of possible canididates, though I stress that no plans for a merger exist at this time)?

    1. I heard about the possibility of Disney buying Time Warner a while back… I'm honestly not sure what to say at the moment; it would indeed be very strange to see Disney own both DC and of course other WB properties like Looney Tunes and their animation wing. I think Disney could buy them, but at the same time I can see someone else purchasing them. I think this is a sort of anything-can-happen kind of situation.

  3. Replies
    1. Like I said, I'm not sure what to say at the moment. I'm leaning more on unlikely, but I still think anything can happen. I personally would like to see someone else buy Time Warner, rather than Disney.

    2. So would I. What would happen to the Warner Animation Group?!

  4. One more thing. I've noticed that ever since 2006, Disney's made a major acquisition every 3 years. Pixar in 2006, Marvel in 2009, and now Lucasfilm in 2012. Do you think this is part of some grand strategy on their part, or are the dates just a coincidence?
    That said, Disney already has their hands full in 2015 as it is, what with Avengers 2 and Star Wars Episode VII both coming out.