Tuesday, October 28, 2014


It's finally happened… Marvel Studios has unveiled their full slate at their big event at El Capitan…

  • Captain America: Civil War - May 6, 2016
  • Doctor Strange - November 4, 2016
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - May 5, 2017
  • Thor: Ragnarok - July 28, 2017
  • Black Panther - November 3, 2017
  • Avengers: Infinity War Part I - May 4, 2018
  • Captain Marvel - July 6, 2018
  • Inhumans - November 2, 2018
  • Avengers: Infinity War Part II - May 3, 2019

Yes, that's a lot to take in. Thankfully, we're getting Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Inhumans movies. At the same time, it kind of sucks that we aren't getting a Hulk solo film or a Black Widow one. I trust Kevin Feige though, because over there, they know what they're doing. They've got this!

Maybe have Hulk and Black Widow get TV shows? I don't know…

Anyways, first off… Doctor Strange has been moved from 7/8/2016 to 11/4/2016… I wonder why. (Earth to Disney, move Alice in Wonderland 2 away from X-Men: Apocalypse and put it in that slot!) Was it because of scheduling? Has filming been pushed back a bit… Or does this all have something to do with Sony and Spider-Man? A little while back, Sony did a reshuffling with their Spidey schedule. This was done in response to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 underperforming at the box office this summer, Sinister Six took Amazing Spider-Man 3's original 2016 place, Amazing Spider-Man 3 is now an undetermined 2018 release.

Sinister Six since then was set to open on November 11, 2016. Recently, rumors have been popping up, ones that suggest that Sony is having some major trouble with the web-slinger. It's possible that Marvel Studios will make an MCU-Spidey movie while Sony makes money off of it, or that Marvel Studios would aid Sony in making a "soft reboot". Of course, I want Sony's hands off of the web-slinger, but we don't know what will happen…

But the Doctor's new release date makes me wonder…

It was also confirmed that T'Challa (Black Panther, of course) will be appearing in Captain America: Civil War, and he'll be played by Chadwick Boseman (42, Get On Up). It's also being rumored that he'll appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but I think Marvel would've outright said that at the event today. Some people assumed this when the teaser dropped because of Andy Serkis' currently-unknown human character, and how he resembled Panther villain Klaw to them. He may very well be Klaw, but again, we don't know.

Here's a really cool piece of concept art for Black Panther… I'm already digging the suit!

Avengers' third chapter being divided into two parts? Until now, my theory was that the 5/4/2018 would be a "Civil War" movie where everything escalates, Cap 3 being the launchpad for all of that. [Possible Spoilers] After the events of this "Civil War" movie, a new Avengers team forms to take on Thanos, but can't do it so they need the old Avengers to bury the hatchet and join them in the battle. [End Spoilers]

Anyways, it seems like Age of Ultron will break the classic hero line-up and we'll see a new Avengers team form right after that, with Captain America: Civil War really muddying things up. Seriously, Phase 3 is going to be full of surprises.

Phase 1 was simply introducing the characters and the idea that they're all living in the same world, and telling us standard origin stories that end with heroes taking on baddies. Phase 2 said "raise the stakes" and it did. However, Phase 2's stories were essentially hero-vs-villain spectacles. What Phase 2 did not have were origin stories, all but one of the Phase 2 films were sequels. Guardians of the Galaxy, the only non-sequel, was not the typical origin story. Phase 3 will be building off of that, as Doctor Strange and future films won't be your typical origin stories. Phase 3 looks to throw a wrench in the gears, it looks to divert from the path and create a new one. The idea of heroes being against heroes is very exciting, and I'm sure we'll get a lot of cosmic goodness too and other kinds of stories that expand the superhero movie canvas. Marvel Cinematic Universe is really only just getting started…

A truly good superhero movie renaissance is on the horizon, methinks. WB/DC has a lot to live up to with their enormous slate, Fox has to keep the momentum going now that the recent X-Men film has soared, Sony? I have no idea where they'll be with Spidey in a year. I just hope WB/DC has it all together, and I hope Fox has a solid plan as well. I want all these superhero epics to be good!

Bring on the heroes!


  1. I literally couldn't breathe after they announced all of these.....
    this means we'll get 10 movies for Phase 3 (including Ant-Man).....that's pretty long.....but then again, theyre going for 3 per year route, which doesn't realy work for DreamWorks, so im kind of concerned...
    im really really bumped we don't have any Hulk standalone in the near future, but I could hope. I would love to have all characters that had a standalone to have a trilogy, not a one-off. and as for Black Widow, imho, she works better as a supporting character. She had penty development in Capt2, and will have plenty more in Avengers2. We don't need a movie for her. to me, standalones should be for people of superhuman powers, as theyre usually more interesting as they wrestle with their strengths.
    compared to DC slate, I felt Marvel won. DC's looks so stale compared to this. Diverse character? check. Female superhero? check.

    1. That is true about Widow, though I would like to see what she's up to in the post-A2/pre-A3 films, maybe a Netflix series? Or a miniseries on ABC similar to 'Agent Carter', perhaps?

      As for Hulk, it's very possible they'll go the 'Planet Hulk'/'World War Hulk' route during Phase 4. When 'Avengers' came out, Mark Ruffalo was said to be signed onto six future films. So two down (IM3, 'Age of Ultron'), what are the rest?

      I'm still on the fence with DC. They've got some top talent locked for some of the films, and the line-up is impressive, but I did not like 'Man of Steel' as a whole, and I'm hoping their future films don't try to chase the Nolan-Batman lightning in a bottle again. I want the films to be different from Marvel's, but also smart, engaging and fun. (MoS seemed to make it its goal to not be fun at all.)

      I will only get truly excited if 'Batman v Superman' isn't anything - tone-wise - like 'Man of Steel', while also being something really good.

    2. *correction* Three down (IM3, 'Age of Ultron', and presumably 'Infinity War Part II', if he's not in Part I)

    3. I think they'll use Black Widow to a huge extent in Age of Ultron, Capt3, and maybe she'll appear in several other confirmed films. or she could appear in AoS (!!!!!!!). imo, her character alone isn't meant to carry a film. Age of Ultron will explain her past, and we have her future already, so we know basically everything about her. teamed up with others, she's amazing. but standalone? I don't think she's interesting enough to carry a film (imho, despite my love for Natasha).