Thursday, October 9, 2014

Stuff of Tomorrow

During their presentation at New York Comic-Con today, Disney unveiled some really cool stuff.

For starters, the teaser trailer for Brad Bird's next epic, Tomorrowland, is finally here!

It's a well-done teaser, and I have a feeling it'll excite audiences unlike the teasers for other recent live-action Disney films that aren't… Well… Based on stories Disney already turned into iconic animated features. Tomorrowland itself looks like a lovely combination of 50s sci-fi aesthetics, modern sci-fi, Disney's own Tomorrowland, and it looks very *gasp* colorful and imaginative! This doesn't look like another gritty action movie, it looks like a pure sci-fi adventure that's sure to deliver because again: It's Brad Bird!

Also, it seems as if the film is set in the future. Judging by some shots, it appears that the world has gotten crazier and that the characters go to Tomorrowland to help change and possibly save it. It's just a theory, also going off the new plot synopsis Disney released:

Frank and Casey travel to a place somewhere in time and space only known as 'Tomorrowland', where their actions directly affect the world and themselves.

Of course, what's not to like? Again, it's a Brad Bird film and it's also an original concept. It's also not a rehash of some fairy tale. Quite a shock to see something like that coming from Disney's live-action studio, eh? Here's to Brad Bird, here's to Tomorrowland, and here's to unique live-action Disney films! I hope for it to be a huge success!

And now… Footage from Disney Animation's own action epic set that actually happens to be set in the future: Big Hero 6!

If there's one thing I didn't like about all of the previous trailers, it's that they didn't show enough spectacle and action. Most of them wisely focus on Baymax and the comedy to help sell the picture, with little tiny glimpses of the thrills this film will bring us. This sizzle reel pretty much delivers, showing what kind of action this film will have. It's definitely feeling more Incredibles-esque, and we get to see our heroes taking on the villainous Yokai. It was also neat to see how much of a genius Hiro is when it comes to robotics in the opening portion, and how his robot takes out a rival in what appears to be some kind of underground mini-robot fighting ring. (Kind of reminds me of Battlebots, haha.)

Also, San Fransokyo looks absolutely stunning. I especially loved all the nighttime shots at the beginning. As usual, Disney Animation has created an imaginative, jaw dropping world that you just want to be a part of. I'm happy that they opted to have it set in the future where San Francisco has changed, that way they can get away with more (in terms of city design, technology, etc.) and not have to tell a story set in a rather mundane modern-day setting. Disney Animation has tackled futuristic settings before, so it's great to see them going back to that. This choice also more than differentiates the film from Marvel Studios' films, another plus!

In short, the marketing keeps getting better and better. It looks like Walt Disney Animation Studios has delivered again!

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