Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bits Journal #31

Back to bits!

It looks like DreamWorks won't be merging with Hasbro...

Variety points it all out quite nicely, Jeffrey Katzenberg wants to be top dog and that's just not how it always works. Of course Hasbro's CEO would object to Katzenberg wanting to ascend to the throne following the team-up, and also Katzenberg asking for $30 a share...

Had Katzenberg not wanted such control, the merger probably would've happened and probably would've helped the studio a great deal. DreamWorks could've used Hasbro's money to expand, and to also form a safety net if any future feature films flop. They would've also hit a goldmine, Hasbro would be in charge of the merchandise for past and future DreamWorks films. Also, Hasbro's own properties... Need I say more? In short, I'm bummed that this deal didn't go through... I really thought that it would help DreamWorks, but nope...

Sooner or later, someone's going to scoop up this studio. But who?

Big Hero 6 dipped good a 35% this weekend. This shows, like most good animated features, that it's going to have strong legs. On its second weekend, Wreck-It Ralph dropped 32%, and that was around this time back in 2012, so the film is currently set to have the wrecker's legs. Wreck-It Ralph made 3.8x its opening, if Big Hero 6 does the same, it'll finish up with over $200 million beating both Ralphy and Tangled!

It almost hit #1 this weekend too, but nostalgia is sometimes a force to be reckoned with, which is one good reason why Dumb and Dumber To opened so well. Interstellar held on tight as well, which shocked me a bit because it seemed like the reactions to this one were really mixed. Despite the B+ CinemaScore (which Inception also garnered), history was on Nolan's side this time. Expect it to hang on for the rest of the season.

(Note: Interstellar's actual opening weekend gross turned out to be $47 million, so last weekend was not the fourth time two films opened with over $50 million domestically...)

Big Hero 6 also shouldn't be heavily affected by The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1. Sure it'll open big and get the crowds, but Big Hero 6 will co-exist with it and continue to hold on. Penguins of Madagascar on the other hand is the real challenge, since it'll nab a ton of screens from the movie, causing it to really drop for that one weekend... But who knows. I still think Disney's superhero story tops $200 million at the end of its run...

These two posters for Inside Out don't really show anything new, but they are very cool nonetheless! I wonder, with these two posters now out, will Pixar unleash a second teaser soon? Or a full trailer? Probably not, because the first teaser only debuted over a month ago plus Disney's rolling out something much bigger next month... Well, so I assume...

I think Disney's teaser/trailer schedule will be this...

December: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, just in time to put it before Into The Woods and The Hobbit...

February: Inside Out - either the second teaser or a full trailer: This lines up with the Monsters U marketing strategy. That way, they can unveil one last trailer sometime around April/May. Or hey, maybe they'll go the Brave route and show a sequence for the film as one of the trailers!

Around this time, we might see a Super Bowl spot for Ant-Man, then the full teaser follows in March. Avengers: Age of Ultron is obviously getting a Super Bowl spot as well, so I can see the full trailer for that landing in March too. Disney releases the live-action Cinderella that month, so it makes sense.


  1. I think there might have been another reason Hasbro decided not to pick up Dreamworks. Right now, nearly 30% of Hasbro's earnings come from contracts with Disney. And I doubt Disney would be pleased if Hasbro back-stabbed them and went with Dreamworks.

  2. Disney might dip their hands on DreamWorks? Nah.
    And don't forget that Disney and Hasbro are best buds now, so it could've affected the merging, since DreamWorks and Disney are rivals.
    And did u hear the news that Cinderellas trailer will debut 3 days later?

  3. I have a suggestion on a buyer for DreamWorks... Rupert Murdoch. Pictures this, Disney owns two animation studios, right? Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar are pretty much siblings making good movies year after year. Also, when Disney bought Pixar in 2006, a lot of Pixar's people ended up controlling Disney Animation, and Steve Jobs (RIP) ended up becoming their largest shareholder.

    If Murdoch's company, 21st Century Fox (the owner of Blue Sky), ended up buying DreamWorks, it would probably end up the same way the Pixar deal did. Katzenberg would become the largest shareholder of both Fox and NewsCorp, and most of DreamWorks' staff would end up controlling Blue Sky. It's hypothetical, but I really do think it would benefit DreamWorks in the long run.

  4. Yuck, no. Besides, Katzenburg is famous for being a lifelong Democrat; he'd never let a guy like Murdoch run his company.

    1. Why would you say that? 20th Century Fox (Murdoch has owned the studio for a long time) currently has a distribution deal with DreamWorks, had one since at least last year.