Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bits Journal #32

Some bits I missed...

The new teaser for The Peanuts Movie is just as great to look at as the teaser, and it's got some good humor in it. This just looks great. Definitely respectful of the source material, rather than being some sort of Alvin and the Hipmunks wannabe. It just looks very classical and timeless.

I just can't get over how cool the animation style is... I'm glad that some studios are taking CGI in bold new directions. With movies like this and The Book of Life and Sony's upcoming Popeye, to say nothing of Disney's recent experimental short films Paperman and Feast, I'm really excited to see where CGI will be in the next five years!

It looks like Disney Animation and Pixar are are getting new presidents! They'll both be replacing Ed Catmull...

WDAS' new President is Andrew Millstein, who has been in the Disney trenches since the late 1990s, once being part of the ill-fated fx house Secret Lab that created the visuals for the 2000 debacle Dinosaur. Millstein has also been at Disney Animation's defunct Orlando unit, and after the whole Circle 7 deal towards the end of Michael Eisner's tenure as CEO, Andrew found himself back at Walt Disney Animation Studios. I heard that he was a very instrumental force in getting Disney Animation back to glory, alongside the likes of John Lasseter and the creatives who were stifled in the final years of the Eisner era. A good choice for President, I'd say.

Millstein also caught my attention when he had a few words to say back when Wreck-It Ralph came out. He said Disney Animation was essentially "uncorked", and that audiences are going to be shown what a Disney animated movie can be. Of course, a fan knows that a Disney movie can cover any kind of setting rather than just a "once upon a time" fairy tale story or a story about cute animals, but many don't unfortunately because the Renaissance films all followed a pretty strict formula and when Disney was finally trying to break free from that, ignorant executives who didn't give too damns about animation got in the way and butchered movies like Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Treasure Planet. Wreck-It Ralph and Big Hero 6 on the other hand got to be the movies they wanted to be, and they were great!

As for Pixar, Jim Morris is now their President. He worked in visual fx from 1988 up until 2004. He also produced WALL-E and Andrew Stanton's John Carter of Mars film, and became part of Pixar's senior leadership team by the time Up was in production. He seems like the right man to run the joint.

The TAG Blog reports that DreamWorks' B.O.O. is getting pushed for a good reason, and it's not just about the film's problematic 6/5/2015 release date...

"The story I got from staffers during a trek through the studio last week was that the story needs work. A recent presentation of the feature to lead creatives and execs indicated weaknesses, and so the shift in release dates maybe isn't a surprise, eh?"

Also, Mister Coat himself (if you haven't been to his site or seen any of his comrades' shows, like AniMat's Reviews, check it out) told me...

Well that's good to know that Home is being improved now that they have time to do so. If you remember, it was set to come out this month before DreamWorks did a switcheroo and put Penguins of Madagascar in its place! Hopefully that all pays off and Home and B.O.O. turn out to be good films, because I'll be totally honest, I wasn't big on the last two (before Peabody) DreamWorks non-sequel films: The Croods and Turbo. I still have to see Mr. Peabody & Sherman, which I hear is a step-up from the last two non-sequel entries.

Actually, Mr. Peabody & Sherman was given time to come together. DreamWorks initially thought in 2012 that it would be a spring 2014 release, but it then moved up to fall 2013 later that year. After Rise of the Guardians lost money at the box office, DreamWorks announced in early 2013 that Peabody was going back to the spring 2014 slot. The film that was in that slot at the time - the exciting Me and My Shadow - was removed from the schedule. When will that film return? Hopefully soon.

Peabody is supposed to be pretty good, so I wouldn't be surprised if the delay worked wonders. I'm hoping it does the same for both Home and B.O.O., especially since I didn't like the former's full trailer.


  1. The music used in the middle of the Peanuts trailer wasn't very fitting, but anything's better than those god-awful Chipmunks (or in your words, "Hipmunks") movies.

    1. All in all, I can't wait to see this!!! Peanuts has been a favorite of mine, because it's one of the few consistently wholesome franchises today. People are hungry for family movies, and are getting sick and tired of all the sex and violence being pushed down our throats under the guise of entertainment.

  2. Did u see the Cinderella trailer? What do you think about it? It literally tells the whole story of the original classic, piece by piece. But I heard they're giving in few twists so hopefully that happens. And the actors look amazing.

  3. I hope Andrew Millstein is not a coward for doing hand drawn animation like John Lasseter. John Lasseter needs to man up.

    1. John Lasseter isn't scared to do hand-drawn animation. He only has so much power over Disney. He tried to get another one made (Heck, his favorite film is Dumbo), but he couldn't because the Disney shareholders don't want those films for marketing reasons.

      I'm seriously tired of people blaming John Lasseter for something he didn't do.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You have zero sense of reality. Do you have any idea what a shareholder even is? It's an individual person or group that owns a share in a publicly-traded company. In other words, you don't even work for the company, but you do participate in events such as shareholder meetings. For example, I have owned stock in Disney ever since my 2nd birthday in 1992.

    4. Then when will theygive hand drawn animation a chance? Maybe by kicking Bob Iger out of the studio for not giving the medium a chance?