Monday, December 8, 2014

Little Bits o' Pixar

Since we're getting a full trailer for Inside Out on Wednesday, USA Today - as always with upcoming animated films - gave us a new first look at the upcoming Pixar original.

The piece revealed that the emotions inside Riley's parents' brains will be quite significant in the film (I recall that being mentioned at D23, but not in great detail like this). The dad, who will be voiced by Kyle McLachlan, has all male emotions that are mustachioed. Their headquarters, according to the article, will look like a Norad missile defense site. The mother's emotions (she'll be voiced by Diane Lane) all wear glasses and chatter like it's The View...

Director Pete Docter had this to add...

"There's our world which we're conscientious of and looking at. So we're driving, eating dinner, whatever. And inside our head there's this whole rich internal dialogue and world no one else knows about. This film gets you inside each character's heads. We're intercutting to show what's going on inside each of their heads behind the scenes. What seems like a simple family dinner is actually fraught with all sorts of emotional angst and drama."

With each new detail, the picture sounds cooler and cooler. This will be more than just a return to the original story format for Pixar, it'll be a full-on blast with their usual out-of-the-box way of storytelling. Of course, it seems like it has everything we want out of a Pixar film: The neat ideas, the comedy, the ambition, and the inevitable emotional core... Literally!

The other bits revealed today sadly don't concern The Good Dinosaur, but rather Finding Dory...

Pixar's President Jim Morris (he just became their President recently, replacing Ed Catmull) spoke about the film at The Comic Con Experience (CCXP) in Brazil, revealing the actual setting of the film among other things.

Going off of what was revealed months ago, such as the film being about Dory searching for her family while Marlin and Nemo search for her, Morris mentioned that a school field trip with Nemo is what brings back some memories for her, the very memories that will motivate her to find her family. Where is her family? Well, we were told back when the film was officially announced that they would be in California... What we weren't told was that they weren't living in the ocean!

Instead, they reside in a marine biology institute (simply called the "Marine Biology Institute of California"). She was raised there but released into the ocean at a young age, but it could explain a few things. A while back it was revealed that Dory would have an half-sister orca whale voiced by Kate Olsen, so maybe that's a nice little puzzle piece, showing why Dory would have a knack for speaking whale. It'd also explain why she would know what a root beer float is, too!

So, was Dory accidentally released into the ocean? Or what? Who knows! In terms of the structure, the film seems very similar to Finding Nemo. Now here's one thing... Will Dory only be in the institute? Or will the others end up in there too? I kind of hope so, because if it's just Dory, the film will have the same basic structure as the first film: One fish trapped in an aquarium, the others look for her. Now to be fair, the stories are still different. Nemo needs to escape the dentist's aquarium or else he'll die, there doesn't seem to be any need for escaping the institute considering that they're not going to be shaken by hyperactive kids.

These new details definitely raise a lot of questions about what direction the story will be going in, but from what has been revealed so far, it sounds pretty exciting! It also doesn't sound like a complete rehash either, which is what Pixar's sequels should actually be praised for in my book. No one is going to be taken away, there seems to be no death looming in the aquarium setting... Only a few things make it similar to the first film's plot.

The other concern I have is the potential ending of the film. A long while ago, it was reported that Pixar's people had watched Blackfish and changed the film's ending. The news mentioned the scrapped ending, and the new one... Which is kind of... Well... Dumb, considering that this is a highly anticipated film, I mean c'mon! Revealing the ending of the movie long before any details get out? I deemed the reports untrue because of that...

But with this announcement, it seems like that report may have been true and that the ending they mentioned may very well be the real deal... Which would suck, because I wish I didn't accidentally read that! That would be like Variety or The LA Times saying how Toy Story 3 would end back in 2007, three years before the film's debut. I mean, why even report such a thing to begin with? "Pixar changes ending to upcoming sequel!", the ending is the last thing we want to know about the movie! I really don't know...

Anyways, it's good to hear updates on what the Emeryville house is up to! Inside Out is looking better and better, and more and more ambitious. Finding Dory looks to be a grand slam a la Toy Story 2. Yes, I said that... Bring them on, Pixar!


  1. Consider this: maybe the reveal that they're in California isn't the ending. Maybe Dory gets there early on in the film, and the way in which plot unfolds from there--the real meat of the story--has yet to be revealed.

  2. Toy Story 4, Cars 3 and The Incredibles 2 logos were been revealed. Did you cover the news about that?

  3. Even Jim Morris talked about Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico...