Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dragon Victory: 'Dragon 2' Wins Golden Globe!

DreamWorks got a nice pick-me-up in the form of a nice little win...

How To Train Your Dragon 2 took home the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature. Now of course I think the awards are meaningless, but I always find it fun to see who gets picked. This year had a lot of strong entries, and the five nominees were all good in my eye. I would've been content with either this winning or Big Hero 6 taking it home or The Lego Movie succeeding, and even The Book of Life. The BoxTrolls? Hmmm, not so much, but it was a good film.

This is also the first DreamWorks film to win a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature. Not a shock though, for the Golden Globes created the Best Animated Feature category in 2006. DreamWorks had stiff competition for a little while, and even in a year where Pixar didn't dominate (2011, Cars 2) they still lost. I think the Globes made the right choice here.

Anyways, I loved How To Train Your Dragon 2. If you haven't read my review, I found it be a superior sequel to the already good first film, amping up the action, heart, and adventure. It was bigger in scope, did some cool world-building, the new characters were great, the minor characters I wasn't big on in the first film are much more likable here, the look is fantastic, I could go on... I think it's the best animated feature DreamWorks has made to date, and I understand that's kind of a controversial statement. My previous favorite was also a controversial choice in a way...

Salma Hayek and Kevin Hart presented the nominees, and as usual the presentation degraded animation more than anything. Outside of taking forever to say who won (what is this, the Annies?), Hart also made a rather stupid poke, saying that weed fuels people behind animation or something like that. Yeah, really funny there Kevin. "Exit stage left!" as a certain animated cat would say over 50 years ago. Yeah, award ceremonies think animation is a laughing matter. Have for a while.

Anyhoo, I see a lot weren't too happy with the dragons winning. This happens from time to time, the classic "upset". Me? I am so happy it won, and this is coming from a guy who didn't think the first film was all that great. (Toss those stones! Sharpen those pitchforks!) Last year's ceremony, to me, was a sham. Only three nominees, and the best one was just good enough in my eyes, nothing more. I always thought 2014 was a much better year in feature animation, and I think the five nominees emphasize that.

So in short, I felt all four of those films deserved to win and I'm happy with the results. Next stop, the little gold statues! Were you happy with Dragon 2's victory? Or not? Sound off below!

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