Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Going Deeper Inside

Oh joy, another image from Pixar's upcoming Inside Out!

This still gives you a good idea of what some of the brain world might look like. One thing that immediately stands out is the brain-esque textures on the canyon rock surface. A really cool touch! Joy and Sadness appear to be riding on the Train on Thought...

Since the synopsis said Joy and Sadness will end up getting lost while Anger, Fear, and Disgust take over guiding Riley, I'd imagine this is a sequence that comes at the halfway point or somewhere around that. Actually what makes this piece work, for me, is the color work. I reminds me of the striking colors that made Toy Story 3 stand out, among other things. On top of being visually imaginative, this ought to be one of Pixar's most saturated and vibrant films.

If anything, I just really want to see more of the brain world and all the different areas that were mentioned months and months ago...

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