Saturday, January 10, 2015

Super Split?

Rumors broke out the other day concerning Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice...

Now, that image saying that the upcoming event would be split into two parts was apparently proven fake. The URL on the bottom lead to a fan-site, and not a real website that WB had for the film. Also, WB didn't even own a domain for Enter the Knight, as /Film's Germain Lussier pointed out. So yeah... This most likely isn't happening, but it should. Here's why I think it should happen...

Batman v Superman seems like it's going to be massive and rather bloated. For one thing, we're continuing Superman's story and introducing Batman right off the bat, then there's the ramifications of Superman's fight with General Zod in Man of Steel, and then there's the iconic fight sequence between the man of steel and the caped crusader. Also, Wonder Woman is being introduced - costumed and all (we'll supposedly explore her origins in her solo movies), Lex Luthor is the main villain, and there are several other things going on. The ten-month shoot was pretty damn long too, and from things I've heard, it's supposed to be an incredibly long movie. Think Dark Knight Rises length (160 minutes), if not even longer. As long as the IMAX limit of 170 minutes maximum.

I don't know. As an outsider, I feel that they are cramming way too much into this movie. Way too much. So when I saw that image, I was like, "Splitting them in half?! Awesome!"

Enter the Knight could end with Superman and Batman fighting, and then Dawn of Justice could pick up from it months later. It would be a great cliffhanger and it would - if the first part was any good - get you excited for more. Plus, that 10/23/2015 release date isn't too bad considering that it's weeks before Spectre opens (11/6/2015), and it's in a relatively good spot. October can be blockbuster season, too! Just look at films like WB's own Gravity! Oh, and we also get a chunk of the film earlier than expected...

However, that may not be the case even though it sounds like a good idea. It's possible the finished film could be super-long and still be good without feeling bloated, or feeling like it should've been split into two parts.

Many are psyched about this film, I'm still cautiously optimistic given how I felt about Man of Steel. I trust Chris Terrio more than anything, given his resume. I'm sure he could make a great script out of so much stuff, Zack Snyder will simply do the directing and bring that script to life with his visual flair. I think Warner Bros. and/or DC Entertainment is trying to get away from the Nolan-copycatting that plagued Man of Steel, with Nolan out of the picture and David S. Goyer not being attached to any of the upcoming projects. I mean, David Ayer writing and directing Suicide Squad and Michelle McLaren directing Wonder Woman. They're locking some top talent!

That all being said, from everything I'm hearing about this film's storyline, I think a split is a good idea. It seems like they're going to introduce so much stuff at once, it feels like a massive launchpad for Justice League, Part One and future DC films. More so than Iron Man 2 was for The Avengers.

Like part one could do some character development for Supes, then bring in Bats, establish who Lex Luthor is, introduce some other things but focus on a single narrative: Batman is pissed at Superman for what happened in Man of Steel, it would make it a rare superhero film where the character doesn't have to go after a baddie! Dawn of Justice would focus on Lex Luthor being the main antagonist, now that the Batman-Superman fight has come and gone.

Just some suggestions. It may be too late to split the films, let alone announce that such a thing will happen. The teaser for this film is supposed to be debuting soon (presumably before Jupiter Ascending next month), so it's probably out of the question. Still a good idea if you ask me, though...

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