Monday, February 9, 2015

Collection Almost Complete: Tom & Jerry Gene Deitch Collection To Hit DVD

Warner Home Video may be calling it quits with Blu-rays of classic cartoons, but DVDs are still in the cards.

For the most part, WHV goes the budget route with these DVDs. In the case of Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry sets, it's just a random assortment of cartoons and probably some theme. These compilations usually contain few episodes and function as babysitters. They also, for some reason, opt to release certain stuff on DVD only as well. Not too long ago, they gave the Rankin/Bass Hobbit from 1977 and its 1980 sequel Return of the King a release, but it was DVD-only. No Blu-rays.

The Tom & Jerry Gene Deitch Collection will be no different. WHV is releasing that on June 2nd, and I'm not sure if all the Deitch cartoons (there are only 13 of them) are available on home media, (They could be available on LaserDisc.) though Cartoon Network has shown all of them. Either way, we'll at least have the collection partially completed. WHV unfortunately has no power to give us American buyers two particular shorts from the Hanna-Barbera era, Mouse Cleaning and Casanova Cat, for they are now apparently in the league with the Censored 11. Well... 13 now... Maybe more, from what I have heard.

And I think we won't be getting the butchered Volume 2 collection set either. Worst of both worlds, really. I hope WHV or the powers that be didn't interpret our boycotting of it the wrong way.

Anyways, aside from that issue, I'm actually pretty keen on WHV releasing all 13 of the Deitch shorts. They are certainly interesting subjects, and regardless of what I think of them as shorts on their own, I do enjoy them. I find them to be bizarrely fascinating in a way, plus some of them, I think, are decent such as Dicky Moe and Tall in the Trap. I like the art direction in some of them, too. Others may disagree, I know this particular set of shorts have divided fans over the years. Even when I watched them on Cartoon Network as a kid, I didn't mind them and was surprised to see that many disliked them so much.

Will you be buying this collection when it hits? What do you think of the Deitch-era shorts? Sound off below!

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