Monday, February 16, 2015

Even More Dino Details: 'Good Dinosaur' Toys Surface at NY Toy Fair

Little by little, we get glimpses of a particular upcoming Pixar film...

Stitch Kingdom, who is very good in keeping us in the loop when it comes to Disney Animation and Pixar films, has been at the annual NYC Toy Fair, snapping some pics...

One of the recent photos has given us a slightly closer look at Pixar's The Good Dinosaur...

This board game reveals that we'll be seeing some T-Rexes in the film, and it's possible that they could be major characters, plus they look just as cartoony as Arlo does. I doubt they'll be baddies, because we were told not too long ago that the film's "villain" is going to be nature, making it similar to Bambi and Finding Nemo. No bad guys plotting to do bad things, if anything the two T-Rexes might be nothing more than natural predators that are just hungry, but they look pretty smiley and happy, so I don't really know. Maybe they're the Bruces of the film!

The game also implies that there will be an action-packed river rapid sequence in the film.

Outside of this piece of merchandise, not much has been seen. Another photo I've seen (not sure if Stitch posted this one) showed a big stand for the film that only showed the logo and that same piece of concept art that The Pixar Post found a little while back. Disney and Pixar have teamed up with TOMY recently, as they'll be rolling out lines for both this film and Inside Out. Apparently Disney has been trying to make sure no one gets photos of the dinosaur toys, so I think we'll have to wait a little longer to see more things from this film.

And honestly, I'm okay with that. As much as I want to see final renders and actual stills from the film, I understand that Pixar has a whole other original film that they have to plug first.

What sort of ideas do you get from this pic? What role do you think the T-Rexes will have? When do you think we'll see more? Sound off below!

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