Monday, March 2, 2015

A Space Mystery: Is Disney Animation's Sci-Fi Film Back in Development?

Remember that ambitious sci-fi film that Walt Disney Animation Studios had in the works a while back? It might be back on track!

Paul Briggs, story man at Walt Disney Animation Studios, recently shared some art he made for a fake second Iron Giant... One that should be made, to be honest!

Will one ever happen? Who knows, Warner Bros. seems content with sitting on the film and not giving it a proper Blu-ray release despite Brad Bird's wishes. (One does not simply say "No" to Brad Bird.)

The most interesting bit from his post, however, is this...

"Actually, I’m very lucky to be working on a film with Dean Wellins right now who not only worked on The Iron Giant but is insanely talented too."

Dean Wellins started work on a science fiction film sometime around 2010. Dean Wellins was originally supposed to direct Tangled with Glen Keane, but Keane stepped down from the project in fall 2008, Wellins stepped down shortly afterwards. Wellins' film, according to Honor Hunter of the sadly now defunct blog Blue Sky Disney, was going to be about teenagers and space racing. It sounded pretty risky! Honor emphasized how different it was and how it would - like Wreck-It Ralph and Big Hero 6 - show audiences accustomed to fairy tales and talking animals what a Disney animated feature can be.

Honor Hunter reckoned that the untitled sci-fi epic would be the studio's fall 2018 release, following Giants in fall 2016 and Moana in spring 2018. Of course, things change over time. Moana is currently set to debut in fall 2016, as its release date has been officially set in stone. Giants is still without a release date, for Disney doesn't need to say exactly when it's coming out. They're waiting for the story to be in the right place, and that'll take a few years. Honor's last report about the sci-fi project's status was posted in September 2013, and it wasn't very... Well... Positive. It seemed that the film had entered development hell.

However, Mr. Briggs' new post implies to me that the race will once again commence. I think a big sci-fi epic is too good for Walt Disney Animation Studios to pass up. Briggs was head of story on Frozen, a similarly troubled production. He was also head of story on Big Hero 6, and I reckon that he moved right to this film after the completion of that animated superhero adventure. Now, this is all just assumption and speculation. Maybe Wellins started a new project, but I really hope that he's still working hard on the sci-fi story.

What do you think?

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  1. lots of sci fi for Disney: Star Wars, Guardians of Galaxy, and now this.....

    bring them on!!!