Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bits Journal #42 [UPDATED]

Mostly Mouse House bits here...

The poster for Frozen Fever is expectedly nice, and it introduces new characters: The "snowgies".

I'll probably be late to the party with this short, because I have little desire to see the live-action Cinderella, the film that it will be attached to. (Watch ticket sales skyrocket because this is going to be before it.) The short film even got a trailer a few weeks back!

21 million views on YouTube, too! When did you see this much excitement for an animated short? Ever?

I can imagine it being a driving force behind Cinderella's ticket sales, but Disney marketing already made the film look good to audiences so it's all set, really. The numbers for it will be interesting, though...

Peter del Vecho, producer of the film and the short, re-confirmed that there are no plans for a Frozen sequel at the moment. I think they won't make one, plain and simple, unless there is a great story to tell. Disney doesn't need a Frozen 2, for Moana is sure to make a similarly massive amount of money in some way if Zootopia doesn't. I don't expect Zootopia to performed like Frozen, I think it's going to make Big Hero 6 numbers more than anything. Or something higher than that. Moana on the other hand really has the potential to make Frozen numbers, I think.

On a side note, where's my Big Hero 6 short?

Speaking of live-action remakes of Disney classics, Tim Burton will be directing the live-action Dumbo, which is an awful reminder that the project is still happening. The only bright side here is, it's Tim Burton, it'll probably look kind of interesting in a way. But then again Ehren 'Transformers 2' Kruger is writing it. Still not interested either way, it can go away. See, this is why I want Tomorrowland to do well, I want more films like that from Disney, not this stuff.

Now for some interesting news concerning Pixar...

Toy Story 4, in addition to not really being linked to the trilogy, has a co-director according to Variety: Josh Cooley. Who is he? A storyboard artist who is now head of story on Inside Out! He also had this to say...

"When I first saw Toy Story I was amazed by the groundbreaking computer-generated animation. But it was the strong storytelling that kept me coming back. Toy Story 4 will continue that tradition and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it!"

As we all know, the film is being directed by John Lasseter himself, will be a romantic comedy, and will not be attempting to continue the main story of the series and will be its own unique entry in the series. I argued on an earlier that post that it really shouldn't be called Toy Story 4, but again, it's good to know more about the project. I reckon we'll hear more this August at the D23 Expo.

A now a Disney Animation bit...

Kenosha News ran a story on Nathan Greno, who many know as one of the two of directors of Tangled, Byron Howard being the other one. We fans know that the long-time Disney Animation wizard is set to direct Giants, as that film has been in development for a long while.

Since Greno is a native of Kenosha, Wisconsin, he got the spotlight. The piece has this, kind of puzzling, bit of information...

"Greno and [Byron] Howard are working on their next film, which he says is an original story, not an adaptation of a classic tale. The title is Giants, with a release set for sometime in 2018. The story is loosely based on the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk. We take it with a title like that, it’s a big project — though Greno couldn’t say more about it."

I was a bit confused at first... I remember reading that Byron Howard and Nathan Greno pitched a project to John Lasseter in 2011 after the success of Tangled, but then Greno left the directing duties to Howard, in order to his own thing. That very project, of course, turned out to be Zootopia. That's coming in March 2016. We all know that Howard is directing Zootopia, but not with Greno. He's directing it alongside Rich Moore, the Wreck-It Ralph director/Simpsons-Futurama alumnus.

Then we were told by others that Howard was indeed directing Zootopia by himself (before Moore was named director), while Greno was supposed to direct Giants by himself. I simply assumed that was going to be the case. This article makes it seem like Howard and Greno are collaborating for Giants. I initially thought they made a mistake and forgot about Zootopia for a second. If Howard is directing Giants with Greno, well then! If anything, based on rumors we've heard, the project needs Howard or another voice.

Rumors went around last fall, stating that Giants hit that stage projects normally hit: The stage where the ideas and heart are there, but the film itself isn't coming together as a cohesive whole. Inside the studio, they reportedly thought that Giants would be feature #56, the fall 2016 release after Zootopia. Moana ended up being feature #56/fall 2016 release. Disney Animation has no film set for 2017, but two films are set to come out in 2018 - one in the summer and one in the autumn, just like in 2016.

Naturally, a lot of us assumed that Giants would be landing in 2018. The article mentions that it'll debut sometime in 2018, so it could either be the 3/9/2018 release or the 11/21/2018 release. For a while I was thinking it would be the latter, because Giants is inspired by a fairy tale and will most likely be a musical epic. Those are perfect for autumn: Tangled, Frozen...

If Howard is indeed directing the film alongside Greno, then that might shut down my theory from today that Brittney Lee and Lorelay Bove will direct Giants alongside Greno. Two directors is quite a bit, four would be crazy in this day and age. I can't see talent like that being listed as co-directors (which are essentially, from what I've heard, the helpers of the main director or directors), either. I would see Lee and Bove in the main directing positions!

We shall see, but if Howard will head to the beanstalk after wrapping up Zootopia, that's good. It'll be great to see them working together again. I mean, it's perfect, really. The duo who brought you Tangled will bring you another great fairy tale-inspired story! If Giants is indeed facing some story problems, it doesn't hurt to have a familiar collaborator help solve the problems, too!


  1. When Tangled was released a lot of people were talking about Tangled 2, with a "sequel short" 2 years later, with Frozen is happening the same, and will happen with Moana, i don't know if will do Frozen numbers, but will be big, for the other side i think Zootopia can do a little more than Big Hero 6, the kids love talking animals after all.

    If Toy Story 4 won't be related with the other movies the title doesn't make sense, bit i think the name of the franchise sells, but will be a good movie, that's sure.

    I have a lot of doubts with Disney/Pixar release dates from 2017 apart of Toy Story 4, i think a Disney Animation movie could be in 2017, or that's what i would like to hear, i expect big news on the D23 Expo, will be more than a big surprise and announcements.

    1. I agree, I hope Disney Animation can somehow get a film out in 2017. Have the fall '17 Pixar film move to a good spot, and Disney can take that spot.