Monday, March 16, 2015

Fact-Checking: Fake 'Incredibles 2' Report

Today, this... Thing... Surfaced.

If you're in the know and you're aware of how studios arrange their slates and announce their films, you'll know right away this article isn't and can't be right...

Here's why...

Pixar already has a film slated for summer 2016.

What film is that?

Finding Dory!

Now granted we haven't heard much about this Pixar sequel, but it has kept that June 17, 2016 release date since fall 2013. It's director Andrew Stanton's only project right now, it's been talked about time and time again. Pixar President Jim Morris spilled details on the project this past December. I highly doubt it'll be pushed back yet again, because this film was once set to be released this year. That's right. But in late 2013, Pixar original The Good Dinosaur had to be pushed back from from summer 2014 to the Thanksgiving 2015 date Finding Dory used to occupy, sending the regal tang to summer 2016.

As for The Incredibles 2... We got our official announcement that it's a thing in March 2014 at that year's Disney shareholder conference. It isn't known who will direct it, but the first film's director Brad Bird is writing it. Finding Dory has Stanton directing, Victoria Strouse (October Road) is writing, the full cast has been assembled. We've heard nothing about The Incredibles 2's cast, whether the likes of Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter have signed on, or anything of the sort. Steven "Frosty" Weintraub talked to Bird this past October, he implied that the script wasn't ready. Meaning, Pixar hadn't said "yes" to it yet.

I highly, highly doubt Finding Dory moves. The Incredibles 2 doesn't seem to be at a state where it can come out in summer 2016. If it anything, the earliest it debuts is in 2017. Pixar has Toy Story 4 slated for June 16, 2017, their next opens on November 22, 2017. Tomorrowland, Bird's newest film, wrapped up earlier this year. I think Bird, if he is directing, would want more time on the sequel, so I can see it actually opening in 2018.

But let's look at the article...

"More than 10 years since the showing and the success of The Incredibles, talks about The Incredibles 2 have started swirling around. Indications are now clear that Pixar is already working on the long-overdue sequel to the superhero family movie."

Indications are now clear? Disney outright announced that Pixar was working on it a year ago...

"Reports are now rife that The Incredibles 2 may hit the theaters in the summer of next year."

There are no links to these said reports/sources... And again, summer of next year? It contradicts their current schedule and what's in the pipeline.

Now as for their report on the storyline... That's a whole other story.

"The storyline for The Incredibles 2 has been recently released and it has become fodder to many internet news sites. Accordingly, in the sequel, Mr. and Mrs. Incredibles, featuring Bob and Helen, have decided not to be too active with their superhero crime fighting ways and allow their two teenage children Violet and Dash to do the work for them."

Many Internet news sites? I haven't seen or heard anything, and I would've known. We all would've known if other sites picked up on these details...

"The two are now considered the greatest superhero in the world while their parents focus on rearing their now six-year-old younger brother Jack-Jack, whose super power ability is to change faces, reports Ecumenical News."

Okay, here we go. So I went to this Ecumenical News, and their article has a link to a site called KpopStarz... But before I go further, he's the rest of the alleged plot:

"Unfortunately, unlike his superhero parents and his sister and brother, Jack-Jack cannot control his powers. His parents Bob and Helen have also become very protective of him following Jack-Jack’s kidnapping by a villain. Eventually, Jack-Jack became an outcast and a rebel. It was during this time that Jack-Jack realized that he can only control his super power abilities if he is angry or becomes villainous. Unfortunately, it was another villain, which speculations say is to be known as Syndrome, who first saw these unique traits of Jack-Jack and he thus mentored him to become a great villain under his tutelage."

Here's what the KpopStarz article says. Right off the bat, I question things...

"Due to the lack of information fans have been getting lately, they have created speculations and hope that these ring true, if not close to it. They say that the release date will be sometime in 2016. According to fans, this speculation is due to the increased hype about the film, that is kept relevant since last year."

There you go. Fans speculating that it'll be released in 2016...

And get this... They say that the aforementioned alleged plot came from... A WIKI! I clicked the link, it's a wiki called Idea Wiki no less! FAN FICTION! And it must've been written a while ago too, judging by the fan's projected 7/3/2015 release date.

There you go. I don't really need to say anymore...

Funny how a bit like that can travel. It reminds me of that radio host in Colombia who said that Disney told him Toy Story 4 was coming in 2015. It spread like wildfire on Twitter, because those who don't know how the business and production pipelines work see "Toy Story 4. 2015." and they freak out. They think it's real. This was back in 2013, before Disney and Pixar even confirmed that a Toy Story 4 was happening...

Also, another great is Walt Disney Animation Studios' Moana... Prior to October 2014, pretty much no one outside of the studio knew what the characters looked like. Somebody drew some fan art of a Disney-esque Polynesian woman and a man on a boat in the ocean. Of course, we know that fans are imagining. They're thinking of what the movie could possibly look like, and Moana got an astounding number of fan art before it was even officially announced by Disney themselves. So the fan art I mentioned above made the waves. A publication that doesn't cover animation called SUGA Magazine came across the fan art. That magazine geared towards Samoan women and women in that region of the world - the South Pacific, so naturally they'd want to talk about a Disney animated film that stars a Polynesian heroine. Their writer or team assumed the fan art was concept art and said "Disney's next! Here's the concept art!" They said it was coming this year, unaware of Zootopia. That happened last summer. Then they realized their error and mentioned the piece was fan art, and that it had a tentative 2018 release date. (Back then, we all thought Moana would be released in 2018.)

So... Be wary.

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