Friday, March 13, 2015

Wrecking Developments: 'Wreck-It Ralph' Sequel Status?

Fan poster made by Al of Pixar Corner.

It looks like we might have some details on what's going on with the Wreck-It Ralph sequel...

Brendon Connelly of Bleeding Cool always gets a good scoop or two when it comes to Walt Disney Animation Studios. When asked about Wreck-It Ralph's sequel on Twitter, which was being written in early 2014 according to composer Henry Jackman, he said this...


Speculation time!

We fans all know that multiple animated features usually go through development at many of the major studios, but the whole "push them into production in sometimes surprising orders" thing is a bit curious...

I guess Ralph 2 is not at the proverbial production train station right now, waiting for the train to completion. I guess Disney Animation apparently thinks other projects are in better shape to board that train, such as Giants, which is indeed going to be one of those two 2018 releases - according to this. Zootopia and Moana, set for 3/4/2016 and 11/23/2016 respectively, have been set in stone since last autumn (though Zootopia was likely going to be that 3/4/2016 release the day Disney unveiled it at the 2013 D23 Expo, and also Blue Sky Disney's posts), and Disney Animation currently doesn't intend to release a film in 2017.

So Moana's successor should be Giants, or something that'll be ready. It could very well be Frozen 2, or that untitled Dean Wellins film, or something we've never heard of before. Maybe King of the Elves got taken off the shelf, who knows! But now one thing is for certain, Ralph's sequel won't be it. It won't be feature #57, the film that'll debut in early 2018. It also probably won't be the fall 2018 release, either.

The last tweet though... That's a bit worrying. "And we don't know for sure it ever will..."

Basically this tells me Wreck-It Ralph 2 is "currently" happening, but the plug could be pulled. That's a possibility with a good number of animated features though, but Connelly is right, we really don't know if Disney Animation will go through with the project or not. In some cases, it is a matter of "if"...

So I guess we're in 50/50 mode now. It could happen, or it won't. I'm on the "could side", being an optimist and also knowing that the Disney higher ups would probably want a sequel to one of their recent hit films. Director Rich Moore is enthusiastic about doing one, so I don't see why not. I can see Disney Animation approving it once the script is to their liking. I think that might be what Connelly meant when he said, "just not currently about to go into production." Maybe the script is still not quite there yet? Maybe the story needs a little more work?

If so, then Disney Animation does the right thing... "You can't rush art!" (for the umpteenth time)

Consider. Frozen 2 was announced yesterday, Frozen opened almost a year and four months ago. When did Frozen 2 enter development? I assume shortly after the first one came out. The earliest it opens is 3/9/2018. Who knows when it'll come out, but I reckon Disney announced it yesterday because it was more than ready by this time, and what better to announce it than at a shareholder conference? Wreck-It Ralph 2 not being mentioned at the two previous shareholder conferences makes a whole lot of sense now.

On the Pixar side of things, also consider. Toy Story 3 opened in June 2010. Toy Story 4 was conceived in mid 2012. The film was officially announced last November, nearly 2 1/2 years after it was conceived. The film will open in June 2017, five years after its inception, and seven years after the previous installment opened.

So we'll probably officially hear more about a sequel to the wrecker tale if it gets to the point where it can board the train to completion. I think it'll happen, but who knows! Let's hope it happens, actually.


  1. Frozen 2 was announced yesterday, but i think we won't know more of it at least this year, i don't want to watch Zootopia and Moana overshadowed by the hype of Frozen 2, at least if WDAS knows what is doing.
    Giants should be one of the 2018 releases, but i don't know if WDAS want to put Frozen 2 the same year, two fairytales the same year sounds a little strange to me, i think the next movie could be something original, maybe the dean wellins film, or it could be the king of elves, chris willians could back to that film after finish big hero 6, who knows.

  2. If the Wreck-it Ralph sequel does get made, when d you think is the soonest we'd hear more about it?

  3. I'm thinking early next year, maybe the next annual shareholder conference, if the film is going to be a 2019 release.

    1. And it's not like they've forgotten about it, the way they do with movies they consider "failures". Ralph and Felix are in Disney Infinity, and Ralph even made a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo in Big Hero 6. So there's definitely hope.

    2. Yeah, 'Ralph' was considered a hit by them - and was a big part of Infinity when it first came out, among other things. I mean, if they got as far as writing a script nearly 2 years after the film came out, I'm sure Disney will okay it eventually. I can't see them passing something like this up.