Thursday, April 9, 2015

And So It Begins...: Brad Bird Starts Writing 'The Incredibles 2'

In an interview with NPR, Brad Bird stated that he has just started writing The Incredibles 2...

He said... "I'm just starting to write it, so we'll see what happens."

A full year after the film was officially announced at the 2014 Disney shareholder conference, no less, this indicates that Pixar is certainly going to take their time with the much-wanted sequel. Unlike Monsters University and Finding Dory, the studio is not really obligated to make it. Those two sequels, and Toy Story 3, exist because the Pixar folk eventually had to "overwrite" the three Disney/Circle 7 Pixar-less sequels that were in development before Disney acquired Pixar and eliminated the toxic relationship the two giants used to have.

However, last October, according to Steve "Frosty" Weintraub of Collider, Bird said he was writing it and was hoping the script would be approved by the Pixar brass...

Maybe back then he meant that he was writing the story itself, not the dialogue or the full script. I wouldn't doubt that it has been in development for a while, years even. Bird would always say that we would return to Metroville if he had a good story that equals the excellent original, though it's possible that he had ideas for a sequel as far back as 2004.

As /Film points out, will he direct it? Who knows, I certainly hope so, but if he's writing while someone else handles the directing work, that's still pretty exciting... But again, I'd prefer if Bird was the one in charge!

With all of that, and other things I've heard, we won't be seeing The Incredibles 2 for a while. Pixar probably doesn't care because they want to get the story right first. After all, they're totally content with having Toy Story 4 come out when the third film turns seven, and Cars 3 will be released sometime after that, as its predecessor will be six when summer 2017 comes. It's worth noting that the first Incredibles took four years to make at Pixar, though Bird had created the concept as far back as the early 90s and began developing it at Warner Bros. Animation before WB dumped The Iron Giant, subsequently leading to his exit. He went to Pixar in 2000, the film fired right up, and it was released in 2004. I wouldn't be surprised if Bird ends up spending another four years on this film, meaning it'll hit in 2019.

Pixar's slate currently has two more dates that haven't be filled yet: 11/22/2017 and 6/15/2018. That's where the slate ends, too. Nothing is set for 2019 and onwards. Many have speculated that The Incredibles 2 would be released on one of those two dates, and these theories shot up after Disney and Pixar confirmed that a sequel was indeed in the works. With this news, however, it probably won't be out until 2019... But I've thought that for a while. Why?

Well, Cars 3, from everything I know, is most likely going to come out in either fall 2017 or summer 2018. A Pixar storyboard artist said on his Twitter that he was working on Cars 3 when the Toy Story 4 announcement was made last November.

Not to mention, Michael Wallis - Route 66 historian/voice of the Sheriff - spilled the beans on the project in August 2013 and revealed where it would take place, a good while before Disney and Pixar announced it. Lasseter showed a sneak peek of the film at the Tokyo International Film Festival last autumn, revealing that a tribute to The Castle of Cagliostro (Hayao Miyazaki's feature directorial debut, based on the long-running anime series Lupin III) will be in the film, in the form of a talking Citroen C2V. I also heard that it began development right after the second one came out, and that it was certainly in the works in 2013, before Wallis said anything. I bet that'll be one of the two 2017-2018 releases. It'll probably be the 6/15/2018 release, because a Cars film is arguably best suited for a summer release given the series' kid appeal, and the last two were summer releases too.

What will the other one be? Who knows. It's probably going to be an original, since we're getting two sequels in a row after The Good Dinosaur comes out. I doubt Pixar would release three sequels back to back. What will it be if it's an original? Mark Andrews' project, maybe? That's what I've been thinking, given the more recent speculation about Teddy Newton and his project. It most likely won't be Lee Unkrich's Day of the Dead project, because why would you release a Day of the Dead-themed film in late November? We don't know of any other originals that are in the works there, either. They probably have a ton of them lined up and we don't even know a thing...

So, Pixar's slate may end up looking like this...

Inside Out - 6/19/2015
The Good Dinosaur - 11/25/2015
Finding Dory - 6/17/2016
Toy Story 4 - 6/16/2017
Untitled Original - 11/22/2017
Cars 3 - 6/15/2018
Untitled Lee Unkrich - Sept/Oct 2018
The Incredibles 2 - 2019

I reckon that they'll squeeze an original between Cars 3 and The Incredibles 2, if they come out in that order. The Day of the Dead film should be an October release, whatever year it comes out, so maybe October 2018? Who knows, Pixar might do two a year in 2019 as well, with The Incredibles 2 being the fall/winter release.

Anyways, it's good to hear that it's firing up. Bird is being pretty quiet about it, probably because he wants to do like Edna Mode and not get distracted from the now. Right now he has a big, risky sci-fi movie to promote...

When do you think the film will come out? When do you think we'll hear more about it? What do you think Pixar's slate will look like? Sound off below!

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