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Look Out: Possibly Fake Disney Slate [UPDATE]

The good folks at Impero Disney posted some rather interesting things today...

Supposedly, these are the plans for this coming summer's D23 Expo...

Okay, so for those who think these could be real, I'll point out a couple things. I'll eat crow if this slate really is real, but let's take a looksy...

First, I know it's April Fools' Day and everything in this post might end up being moot, but... That doesn't mean real news can't surface, and this thing could've been created a while ago and just happened to leak recently. After all, Fox confirmed today that their Deadpool film is rated R, Avengers: Age of Ultron will star Linda Cardellini and Julie Delpy, and Dwayne Johnson is in fact starring and singing in Disney Animation's Moana - though we already knew that.

Also, to eliminate any confusion, a lot of the films on this slate are indeed real/are in development.

But still... It's April Fools' Day. Anyways, even if it wasn't, let's look a little closer, shall we?

#1. Tink... I know Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar's slates are of more interest to us, but I think the DisneyToon section determines whether this is fake or not: There's another Tinker Bell movie slated for 2020... 2020! Six years after the one that just came out! However, if you do some digging, you'll know that the Tinker Bell series is over as far as Disney is concerned. The Legend of the Neverbeast, the latest installment, is supposed to be the last.

On the TAG Blog, Steve Hulett got info from various DisneyToon staff back in April 2014, when The Pirate Fairy was released:

"We're down to about eighty people in the building. There's one Tinkerbell feature that's finishing up, then that's it for Tink. They were planning to have Tinkerbell get into some neat plot developments in the last one, but the last one's not happening now. The final two Tinkerbells aren't being done now. ...

There are projects in development, but nothing's been greenlit yet. The storyboard artists are working on shorts until we know what the next feature will be. The second Planes project looks good, but I think management is waiting until it comes out later this year before making decisions about another one."

But you know, never say never. Another Tink film could be made, but it's likely that Neverbeast is the last one. Even if a new Tink ends up happening, I doubt people will have to wait till 2020 to see it. Plus, what's with the 'Monsters and Magic' movies?

#2. Pixar's Day of the Dead Film... I always thought that Pixar would never release Lee Unkrich's untitled Day of the Dead film during any month except October. The Mexican Day of the Dead holiday occurs from October 31st to November 2nd. I just can't see Pixar releasing this film in June or late November. Right now, I think it'll get a September/October 2018 release. But again, this is pure speculation on my end. Maybe Mexico will get the film in October (whatever year it opens), but we'll get it either during the summer or right before Thanksgiving since a majority of Americans probably don't celebrate Day of the Dead. I still can't see that happening though, because Day of the Dead is similar to Halloween... So the movie should be released around Halloween time in the US, no?

#3. Cars 3 - Here comes more speculation.

From what I've heard, Cars 3 will be the 6/15/2018 release if the 11/22/2017 release is in fact an original non-sequel film. I highly doubt Pixar would release three sequels in a row, so I think the fall 2017 film following Toy Story 4 will be an original story, just not Day of the Dead. Probably Mark Andrews' film.

Lasseter showed a sneak peek of the Cars threequel at the Tokyo International Film Festival prior to Big Hero 6's opening, many noted that a tribute to The Castle of Cagliostro will be in it in the form of a talking Citroen C2V. I also know that the film entered development back in 2011, Michael Wallis (Route 66 historian and voice of the Sheriff) spilled the beans in August 2013, Disney and Pixar officially announced it in March 2014 during the annual shareholder conference, and when Toy Story 4 was announced, a Pixar animator said he was working on Cars 3. I think that's coming out before The Incredibles 2 and is quite far along. I heard as far back as 2013 that it was really brewing, too.

#4. Disney Animation 2018 Confusion... We know that visual development artists Brittney Lee and Lorelay Bove are going to be heavily involved with a mystery 2018 Disney Animation release.

My friend Tyler Kelson spoke with Brittney Lee recently, and Lee told him that the film in question hasn't been announced yet. As I said a little while back, this could mean a few things:

Giants was never officially announced by Disney, but other outlets have confirmed its existence. The newspaper of director Nathan Greno's hometown mentioned that he's directing it with Byron Howard (before that, we thought he was handling it on his own), and that Disney intends to release it in 2018. Lee could very well be referring to that, given her work on Frozen.

But Lee could also be referring to Dean Wellins' untitled space race film, even though other outlets leaked info on that film to us. WDAS story man Paul Briggs also mentioned on his blog recently that he's working with Wellins on a feature film at the studio. Lee, I think, is going to be involved in something that was never announced or leaked...

If that's the case, no way Frozen 2 ends up being a 2018 release. But that's all up in the air at the moment...

#5. TRON: Acension's release date... The big one. And why's that?

The release date listed is 11/24/2017.

Two days after Pixar's currently untitled 11/22/2017 release. No way that's going to happen. Probably the best indicator that this plan is fake, if the previous five points didn't...

Yes, I think it's fake. It lines up with a lot of announcements and bits, but ultimately, it looks like something that has been put together by a fan. A dream slate of sorts... I mean, a lot of these dates could end up being true, but I'm certain the whole slate itself isn't official.

Also, consider this...

The last D23 Expo was held in August 2013.

Prior to the expo, Disney only wanted us to know the following...

  • Frozen and Big Hero 6 were Walt Disney Animation Studios' next two films.
  • Four untitled WDAS films were set for 3/4/2016, 11/23/2016, 3/9/2018, and 11/21/2018.
  • Pixar's next three films in order were The Good Dinosaur (before the delay happened), Inside Out, and Finding Dory.

Disney didn't want the public to know about films like Zootopia, MoanaGiants and "Space Race". Honor Hunter at Blue Sky Disney leaked that information to us in the summer of 2013. Disney apparently got on him and the sites that reported the same news, but he reposted it later on.

Disney officially confirmed Zootopia at the expo, but didn't tell us when it was coming out. We all assumed 3/4/2016 anyway, which turned out to be true in the end. They wanted to wait and see if it was in fact ready for that date, and last November they finally told us it's the 3/4/2016 release.

Pixar didn't mention anything else during their presentation. No word on Lee Unkrich's Day of the Dead film, Mark Andrews' film, or even sequels like The Incredibles 2 or Cars 3...

So why would Disney roll out such a big slate so early on? At the upcoming D23 Expo no less?

My prediction is that they'll simply say what the next film after Moana is at WDAS (I'm thinking Giants), and maybe they might say what Pixar is releasing in November 2017. We as fans like to think ahead, we like to wonder what's coming in 2018, 2019, 2020... Disney on the other hand probably doesn't really want us to do that, Marvel excepted. Kevin Feige was all for revealing half of that studio's major game plan... Yes, half of it, that game plan goes up to 2028!

So yeah, we shall see what happens in the future. I'll be surprised if Disney turns around and throws a massive slate at us, one that goes all the way up to 2020. But I think that document is fake, and I think we'll have a better idea of what's coming in the next few months...

Update: April 3rd, 2:39 PM

It's fake. Confirmed.

[Ça ne sort PAS bientôt au cinéma] Le planning dévoilé pour la D23 Expo 2015 est... non officiel ! *Mouahahahahah*...
Posted by Disney Analysis on Friday, April 3, 2015

There ya go. Thanks to my friend Iry, who writes for Impero Disney, for finding this!

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  1. a live action movie of the winnie the pooh was announced and doesn't appear here, that made this slate fake