Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rapunzel Returns: 'Tangled' TV Series Announced

Remember how a mention of a Tangled TV series was seen on a stand during the Brazilian Disney Expo a week ago? The show, despite some people saying "it's just a rumor", is happening...

The Tangled TV series will take place between the film and its short, Tangled Ever After. Mandy Moore is back as the voice of Rapunzel, Zachary Levi will be back as Flynn, Alan Menken and Glenn Slater will be providing the music. The series will follow her adventures in the very kingdom she was stolen from as a baby, so it'll be interesting to see more of that community since a sequel probably isn't - and in my opinion shouldn't be - happening. Claire Keane herself will also be involved...

Get a load of the animation style they'll be going for with this new series. Better that than a diet version of the film's look! Plus, it does look very nice, like the recent Disney storybook illustrations or even concept art.

Other info? A new character named Cassandra, which Disney Insider describe as “a tough-as-nails handmaiden, who becomes Rapunzel’s confidant.”

It's a bit surprising to me that they took this long to get a TV series going, but the interesting thing is that Tangled is the first Walt Disney Animation Studios film to get a TV series since The Emperor's New Groove and Lilo & Stitch. The latter got its show first in 2003, the former film's series didn't debut until 2005 after its direct-to-video sequel came out. Treasure Planet would've gotten a show had it done better, and then Disney Animation changed after Michael Eisner stepped down as company CEO. (Chicken Little probably would've gotten a series in a bad alternate history where Michael Eisner remained CEO and WDFA keeps getting beaten into the ground...)

The new Disney Animation was waiting for a box office hit ever since the ship was turned around, and they finally got one with Tangled three years after the first Lasseter-era production came out. Makes me wonder if Wreck-It Ralph will get a TV show, and of course, Frozen and Big Hero 6. Maybe this Tangled TV series is the beginning of a streak of TV shows based on Disney's animated features. It'll be like the 1990s all over again, when we got TV shows based on almost all of the Disney animated hits.

Back then, the shows were done in lower budget traditional animation and looked alright. Sure they were a country mile from how the films looked, but they looked pretty good for what they were (the early 90s was a time of quality TV animation, visually and writing-wise), and I like that they are going this route for the Tangled series. If they do something similar for all shows (if more happen) based on the studio's CG films, then sign me up.

I just hope the writing and whatnot is good. It seems like it will be considering who's behind it. Thankfully it's intended for Disney Channel and not Disney Junior as originally implied, so it seems like it'll be an all-ages show as opposed to a strictly-for-preschoolers show. Also, a lot of people are already questioning why Rapunzel has her long hair. Well, we shall see...

What's your take on this? Do you think a Tangled TV series is a good idea? Do you think we'll see more TV shows based on Disney Animation's recent films? Sound off below!


  1. A Big Hero 6 series would be a great idea. It would probably be more suitable for Disney XD, though, instead of the Disney Channel.

  2. WHEE! This is perfect! We never had Disney animated series based on movies since Lilo ^ Stitch and The Emperor's New Groove. Maybe Tangled will be the key to get rid all of the stupid crappy teen-sitcoms for good. If this is the new CEO of ABC and Disney Channel Ben Sherwood's idea, then God bless him.

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