Friday, July 17, 2015

Preview of Previews: Two Animated Film Trailers Classified

The ever-trusty Alberta Film Ratings has confirmed that some new trailers for animated films have been classified recently, meaning that they are probably around the corner...

The first one is for The Good Dinosaur, which was classified earlier today.

It seems like Disney marketing will be taking the Big Hero 6 route for the Pixar original's marketing campaign. What do I mean by that?

Starting with Tangled, new computer-animated Disney Animation films were released in November. A teaser would debut in June of its release year, usually before the latest Pixar film (i.e. Tangled's teaser debuted theatrically with Toy Story 3), then the full trailer would debut in September.

In 2014, there was no new Pixar film for the summer. Or the year. Disney opted to release the Big Hero 6 teaser in time for late May release Maleficent. So naturally I (and probably a lot of others) expected a full trailer to follow in September... But we got it in July instead! Nice and early! This was followed up by a second (!) full trailer in September.

So, it seems like they'll be doing just that for The Good Dinosaur. The trailer itself is 2:16, but the site labels it as "Trailer #2", but yes, technically this will be the first full trailer. I'm surprised it was classified today though, given that Ant-Man just opened. Disney doesn't have a big family release between Ant-Man and The Good Dinosaur, so something family-friendly coming out between now and August will likely have this trailer attached. Pixels, I don't know if that's family-friendly enough, but it could be shown before that. Or The Shaun the Sheep Movie at the beginning of August...

That all being said, I expect to see the trailer soon. Maybe some time next week, or at the beginning of August at the latest...

A week ago, a new trailer for Kung Fu Panda 3 was classified. Running at 1:44, the site refers to it as "Trailer A". This to me implies that it'll be a full trailer and not a mere teaser, or maybe it's a second teaser given its pretty short running time. I'm just hoping that this trailer really makes the film look exciting, and that audiences will really want to see it, because I don't want another Kung Fu Panda 2 or How To Train Your Dragon 2 situation.

However, unlike those two films, it should be safe because... What is Kung Fu Panda 3's competition? Disney's true story-based action-drama The Finest Hours (what's that? A Disney live-action film that isn't an animated film re-imagining?) and an untitled horror film. Quite different from something like The Hangover Part II or 22 Jump Street. It pretty much has all of February to itself, too. I think, domestic box office-wise, it'll be a rebound from Kung Fu Panda 2. Whether it'll reach Kung Fu Panda numbers or not ($215m unadjusted, and that was without the aid of 3D) is up in the air...

When do you think these trailers will come out? Sound off below!

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  1. I'm guessing that at the earliest, the trailer for The Good Dinosaur will be released on Tuesday.