Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Great Dinosaur Trailer

The full trailer for Pixar's The Good Dinosaur is finally here!

And we didn't have to wait too long for it, either!


Just... Wow...

This is a "mic drop" trailer.

First off, I love that this trailer goes against the animated movie norm and instead just focuses on visuals, and it has very little dialogue, too! Eschewing a "jokes! jokes! jokes!" structure that aggressively ping-pongs you back and forth between funny bits and story/action bits, this is a trailer that simply wants to show you what the world of the film will be like. Thankfully, we get to see tons of other dinos... and animals too!

I already liked the more cartoony designs of the main character Arlo, and the T-rexes that appeared the teaser, this trailer showcases just how cool some of the character design will be. The close ups of Arlo's scales show just how well the Pixar animators balanced the hyper-detailed and the cartoony, overly caricatured. The styracosaurus that comes out of the forest? That is such a neat design! Plus, with humans already existing within this movie's timeline, animals (such as yaks in a field) show up too. It'll be interesting to see more scenes where dinosaurs meet animals. Also, how about that lizard-snake thing? I guess we'll be seeing some made-up species too, a nice plus!

The environments also look stunning, from the dense forests to the atmospheric grasslands to the rocky cliffs. Does one even need to talk about how great an upcoming Pixar film looks in the visual department? It's the perfect mix of super-realistic and unreal, again, the dinosaur designs are simply great. There are shots that are just jaw-droppingly beautiful, one of my favorites being Arlo and Spot running through a long flock of birds by a river. Did anyone else get a Rescuers Down Under vibe from that?

We've been told before that the film will be more in line with something like WALL-E, a film with minimal dialogue that will tell its story through body language and visuals, also no different from - as director Pete Sohn himself said - Walt Disney's Dumbo and Bambi. A modern-day equivalent to those two films starring dinosaurs is enough to get me excited, if the Pixar name and the concept alone already didn't. This trailer more than confirms that the film will be just like that...

All in all, I'm very pleased to see a trailer for a Pixar film that aims to make a film look epic. This is right up there with the excellent Japanese trailers for Pixar's films, and Walt Disney Animation Studios' films as well. There's no need to really spell out the plot or anything, you could probably just get away with showing lovely animation, the meteor missing Earth, and tons of dinosaurs. I think those three things alone are the selling points more than anything, though I do reckon that we'll get one last full trailer in the early autumn that will be more story-oriented.

Yes, it looks amazing. Yes, it has very stunning visuals and it looks unlike anything we've seen from Pixar in the past. Yes, it looks like it'll be another home run. Do I really need to say anymore?

What did you think of this trailer?


  1. it's so amazing.....that is the best use of a song in a trailer ive seen in a long time......
    but many people are showing distress over the cartoony designs tho, hopefully that wont hurt the film in a long run.