Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Little Bigger: Disney Animation Dates 2019 Film

Well look at that! Walt Disney Animation Studio's slate got a little bit bigger!

The always highly reliable Exhibitor Relations got the news just now, which they have revealed on their Twitter... A new Walt Disney Animation Studios film is set to debut on November 27, 2019!

So the burning question... What will it be?

Well, the cool thing about Walt Disney Animation Studios' slate is the uncertainty and guessing games. They tell us very little, and a certain blog that gave us an idea of what films could be next is no longer active. Back in May 2013, Disney unveiled the post-Big Hero 6 Disney Animation slate that started at 3/4/2016 and capped off at 11/21/2018. Back then, all four of the dated undetermined projects were just that... Undetermined! We didn't know that Zootopia was the 3/4/2016 release. Heck, we didn't even know Zootopia! All we knew about was an animal film Byron Howard was directing. Honor Hunter of Blue Sky Disney then clued us in to what was next and what order the movies might possibly be in...

That's no more now, and plus... Mid-August? Kind of a random time to slate a new release, no? Maybe this was done because the Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection hits Blu-ray next week? Maybe because D23 is right around the corner? I don't know, but nevertheless, it's good to know that they have locked a 2019 film down.

Also, did you notice something?

Disney Animation had to sit this year out because of two Pixar films, one opening in the summer (Inside Out, of course) and the other in the autumn (The Good Dinosaur). The Hat Building makes up for that by releasing two films the following year, one at the beginning of the year (Zootopia) and one at the end (Moana), while Pixar release one film in the summer (Finding Dory).

It appears that the pattern will be repeated: Disney Animation releases nothing in 2017, Pixar releases two films, then in 2018, two Disney Animation films in March and November respectively, and a single Pixar film in the summer.

But looky here, no such pattern will be repeated! Pixar won't make Disney Animation sit the odd-number year out yet again. I like that, a Disney Animation film ready for every calendar year. Sure, two every other year is a good compromise, but I like this decision. The more the merrier, as long as they can keep the quality high.

Now, will they announce a release date for a 2019 Pixar film soon?

What do you think hits on 11/27/2019? An original? Dean Wellins' film? GiantsFrozen 2? Wreck-It Ralph 2? Sound off below!


  1. I still want the Mickey Mouse feature to happen. Whatever happened to that? No news from that at all. Weird.

    1. Last I hard, Burny Mattinson pitched it in 2011, but we've heard little to nothing since. I guess they said no to it.

  2. I'm so freaking hyped with the D23 this friday, i expect the official announcement of Giants and some original project we didn't know

  3. One thing I hope for is another 2d hand drawn animated feature.