Saturday, September 5, 2015

More 'Good Dinosaur' Character Renders Revealed

More final character designs from The Good Dinosaur have shown up recently...

The good folks at The Pixar Post have come across a card-matching game on the Subway Kids website. As many of you may know, Subway is the fast food chain that promotes Disney releases these days. With every animated film they promote, they always release a tote bag or two among other things. The ones for this film use those storybook-like images that we saw months and months ago. The very images that gave us a look at what the T-rex trio in the film would look like, long before the teaser showed up.

Anyways, the cards reveal what Arlo's parents will look like, along with his siblings.

As you can see, the styracosaurus in the full trailer is simply referred to as Shaman. An interesting direction, for sure, as a shaman dinosaur is a cool idea. I think that character's design is the best one I've seen so far...

Poppa Henry doesn't look too, too different from the scrapped brother character Forest, who was in Bob Peterson's ill-fated version of the film.

Arlo's brother Buck also looks just like Poppa, while sister Libby (who was mentioned when footage was shown at Cannes a few months back) definitely looks more like Momma Ida. Arlo looks kind of a like of blend of his two parents, as he sticks out more. Oddly enough, the cards don't show anyone else we've seen or heard about. No Thunderclap (a pteranodon), no raptors, or any other characters we saw in the trailers.

As I've said before, I love the character designs for this film. A lot of people are still not onboard the idea of very caricatured, cartoony dinosaurs interacting with photo-real environments, but I feel this is no different from Disney films that have highly-detailed art direction and backgrounds, whilst having more cartoony animals or humans be in these settings. It boils down to personal taste (I've never seen a Pixar film's visuals garner this much divisiveness), but I think that this film looks like another visual wowser. If anything, the contrast is what makes it work for me. I don't think the dino designs clash with the backgrounds, at all.

Also, I reckon a new full trailer is right around the corner. It seems like Disney's marketing department has figured out some patterns regarding animated releases from both Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar. Last year, Disney Animation's Big Hero 6 was the autumn animation release. That got a teaser in early summer, a full trailer in mid-summer, and a second full trailer at the beginning of autumn. The Good Dinosaur has been following the Big Hero 6 route so far, so that means we'll get one last full trailer at the end of the month. Right before Sony Animation opens Hotel Transylvania 2...

You think that will happen? What do you think of the new character designs? Sound off below!

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