Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Now Entering Zootopia: 'Zootopia' Teaser Poster Arrives!

When the teaser for Walt Disney Animation Studios' next film debuted back in June, I was wondering... Where's the teaser poster? One has now arrived!

Thankfully, it showcases a section of the titular city in fully-rendered form, and it looks spectacular!

What I like about the city, as shown in the concept artwork that was unveiled back in March, is that the architecture is modeled after animals. You have buildings shaped like the horns of animals like kudus and elands, buildings with window placement that resembles striped or spotted animals, and several other cool little details. One thing's for certain, this film will have eye candy in almost every single frame. Our leads may have their backs turned to us, but this a good poster design I must say...

One thing that I'm perhaps a bit iffy about are the real-world parodies, which I think go either way in animation. In something like Shrek 2, it just seemed kind of forced. In that film's "Far Far Away" setting, you had a mix of medieval Europe and modern day Hollywood, with stores and places like Old Knavery, Burger Prince, and so on. Shark Tale is even worse with the fishy parodies, from celebrities to brands. On the other hand, something like Cars I thought was pretty clever with the parody stuff, mainly because I think Lasseter's love for autos kind of justified the punny stuff concerning sportscasters and other things. In other films, I think it just doesn't feel right for some odd reason. Sometimes I like it when the filmmakers come up with their own products that could very well be real-world products. (Pixar's films normally do this with flying colors.) Nothing new in the world of animation, of course. I think they are a bit forced here too, maybe except the Bearberry ad.

If it's just background stuff, I won't mind too much. Anyways, I can't complain too much because everything else here is really, really creative, once again that architecture is something else. It's only one snapshot of what this massive city will be like, so I'm excited to see more. I'm guessing Zootopia is like the New York of this alternate Earth, hence the Times Square-esque look. I sometimes wonder if the story will take the characters to other parts of this world...

Since the teaser poster is now here, is a full trailer around the corner? With the family-friendly, animated Hotel Transylvania 2 approaching, Disney ought to have something ready for either this film or Pixar's The Good Dinosaur, trailer-wise. I was thinking the second and final Good Dinosaur trailer would land this week, what with its new poster and 1-minute sneak peek out. Plus that film's marketing followed the Big Hero 6 route: Teaser at the beginning of the summer, full trailer in mid-June, and a second full trailer in late September. Someone's going to have repeat that pattern!

What do you think of the Zootopia poster? Are you looking forward to Disney Animation's next? Do you think the trailer will surface soon? Sound off below!


  1. i doubt theyll leave zootopia at all, since the name of the film is zootopia.

  2. Well actually Good Dinosaur has a trailer tonight. But for whatever reason it's airing during Survivor instead of on ABC or something...I don't get it, but I'm not going to ask questions.