Sunday, September 20, 2015

Spanish 'Good Dinosaur' Sneak Peek Surfaces...

In a rather odd move, the US Facebook page for The Good Dinosaur has posted a minute-long sneak peek of the film, with English dialogue but Spanish text...

I have no idea if this is a shorter version of the new full trailer that's probably debuting soon, or if it's just a standalone thing.

The Good Dinosaur - En Cines Este Thanksgiving
Un solo momento puede cambiar todo. Ve un avance exclusivo de Disney/Pixar The Good Dinosaur, en cines este Thanksgiving #GoodDino
Posted by The Good Dinosaur on Saturday, September 19, 2015

Either way, it's much more dialogue-driven and story-based than the previous trailer, which - despite the fact that I loved it - played out more like a sizzle reel than anything. The little preview is a nice mix of comedy, story bits, and emotional stuff. We all get a nice glimpse of Sam Elliott's T-rex character Butch, and it seems like the T-rex trio will be good guys... I'm still wondering why that is, are they like the vegetarian sharks in Nemo or what? Also, Spot making Arlo inadvertently function as a bridge is very clever stuff. If a new trailer is out next week, then I'm really excited to see what's in store!

Like I've said in many posts, it looks like the marketing campaign for this Pixar dinosaur picture is following the route that Disney Animation's Big Hero 6 followed: Teaser at the beginning of the summer (May/June), full trailer in July, and then the final full trailer in September. Usually late September, considering that a big family film opens at the end of September. This year it's Hotel Transylvania 2, last year it was The Boxtrolls...

Plus there's a new poster out, so I bet a new trailer is definite! One isn't currently listed on the Alberta Film Ratings site, but who knows...

What do you think of this new sneak peek? Do you think a new trailer is right around the corner? Sound off below!


  1. It isn't every unusual for Disney US to release Spanish versions of everything they released prior. They've been doing this for years, even to the point where they have completely dubbed versions ready after English version. This is to tap into the Hispanic market which now consists of a large part of US community

  2. kyle, whats your thought on the angry bird trailer?