Saturday, September 5, 2015

Unexpected Eggs: Mexican Animated Feature 'Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos' Debuts

This film, much like Hell & Back, slipped right under my radar. It comes from Mexico, and it apparently isn't a family-friendly title...

Yes, Un gallo con mucho Huevos (which translates to "Rooster with Many Eggs") was released by Pantelion Films yesterday. Pantelion is an independent studio that aims to bring Latino features to the states, giving them okay-sized releases. This film opened up in 395 theaters nationwide, and collected roughly $885,000. Steve Hulett over at the TAG Blog notes that the film had the highest per-theater average of any of the films that opened yesterday, a good $2,241.

From what I've dug up, this film is based on a popular Mexican comic and cartoon. The pic, subtitled, carries a... PG-13 rating. So it's certainly not the family-friendliest title that's currently playing! Apparently the comics and the cartoon are no different.

Credit goes to whoever snapped this

I'm also happy to see that the film wasn't dubbed nor was it re-imagined for American audiences. (Weinstein Co, take note!) And look what happened... It didn't do too bad, the Hispanic crowd is making it successful, and while it could be doing better, this is kind of good for a film that got such a limited release and isn't even in English nor is it aimed at English-speaking Americans! Who knows what kind of ball it will set rolling, but it's good to see foreign AND more adult-oriented feature-length animated films making some kind of a splash.

What do you think this film's small success means?

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