Monday, October 26, 2015

Meet the Zoo Gang: 'Zootopia' Cast Revealed

Yesterday, Walt Disney Animation Studios unleashed the full cast for Zootopia. On top of that, we also got some great images of the individual characters, some of which can be spotted in the teaser from June...

Of course, we knew for a long time that Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman were voicing Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde respectively, and we also knew that Alan Tudyk - now a WDAS mainstay much like how John Ratzenberger is with Pixar - was set to voice someone.

Anyways, here are the stills in their full glory...


First off, Idris Elba voicing in two animated films next year! This, and Finding Dory! Not to mention the other films he's doing for the mouse, from Heimdall in the Marvel movies to Shere Khan in the live-action Jungle Book. A real plus! Officer Bogo looks like the typical badass - and you don't get more badass than a cape buffalo - he usually plays anyways, so a perfect fit. J.K. Simmons as a mayor lion is also really cool, and now we have two animated films that Simmons is doing voice work for coming next year. (The other being Kung Fu Panda 3.)

I also like that Bonnie Hunt is voicing a bunny named Bonnie, pretty clever. Duke Weaselton on the other hand? Maybe not so much, but the character - a small-time crook - seems like a good fit for Tudyk given that he plays villains (King Candy), shady types (Wesselton), or characters that are mistaken for baddies (Krei). Yax seems like he'll be a Fillmore-type, given that he's a hippie and that he's going to be voiced by Tommy Chong. (Wonder if Cheech will show up, given his animation resume.)

Going by the character descriptions (via Rotoscopers), we now know that the missing mammal of the plot is the husband of Mrs. Otterton, Octavia Spencer's character. It's also cool to know that Judy comes from the rural areas and will be new to the city, so I can imagine the film's first couple of minutes taking place on her parents' carrot farm. The classic "farm type goes to the big city" story, I reckon.

Anyways, moving on, the film seems like it has a very solid cast. Elba and Simmons are awesome additions, and hopefully the rest - mostly from comedy backgrounds with some voice actors here and there - turned in great performances. It's kind of weird that we still don't know who Katie Lowes is voicing, but maybe we aren't supposed to know! The movie is kind of a mystery story...

The character designs are all very cool, I've been a particular fan of this film's concept since the day Disney unveiled it to the public two years ago. These humanized animals are pretty unique, and of course as many of us know, their movements will be much closer to their real-life counterparts even though they will mostly act like people. A unique kind of anthro-animals animated movie. Unique is what I want from Walt Disney Animation Studios...

Another thing that caught my eye was the description of Mayor Lionheart. His motto is "In Zootopia, anyone can be anything", and the description says Judy lives by that. I wonder if they will they go an Incredibles route and criticize the "everybody's special" mentality, or the "if you can dream it, you can do it" mentality that Monsters University dashed. That would be welcome, but who knows...

On the whole, the character design here is great and it'll be super-cool to see everything in motion when the proper trailer debuts, whenever that will be. With the cast and character names revealed, I wonder if it's right around corner... Blue Sky's The Peanuts Movie opens in a matter of days, and that'll be followed by Pixar's next...


  1. Did you pick up the Weasleton joke lol?

  2. The thing I like the most about the character designs are how they almost look like classic Disney animals. Nick Wilde reminds me of Robin Hood, the Mayor's kinda like Mufasa, Judy has a hint of Rabbit, etc. Probably coincidental, but pretty cool nonetheless.

  3. Where are all the birds, reptiles, amphibians, etc.?

  4. Zootopia animation is wrapped and the trailer's coming soon. According to Moore's twitter. And by the way, Bird confirmed that Giacchino will return to socre The Incredibles II