Sunday, October 25, 2015

Milky Goodness: Fox Might Pick Up Live-Action/Animation Hybrid 'Fortunately, the Milk'

Sometimes in the mainstream animation world, you'll get a film that really dares to be different. The film that's out-there and it knows it, the film that's quirky and clever and super-creative...

Well, one might be on the docket at Fox. Edgar Wright of Cornetto trilogy fame is set to direct an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's illustrated children's book Fortunately, the Milk, which Johnny Depp is set to headline and produce. Neil Gaiman, as many probably know, is the same man who wrote Coraline, so first off... It's wonderful to see another one of his works being considered for an animated film.

However, this will be a hybrid film, which is the only slight bummer for me because the concept sounds perfect for an all-animated feature:

"A little boy and his little sister awake one morning, milkless. Their mother is away on business, their father is buried in the paper, and their Toastios are dry. What are young siblings to do? They impress upon their father that his tea is also without milk and sit back to watch their plan take effect. But something goes amiss, and their father doesn’t return and doesn’t return some more. When he does, finally, he has a story to tell, a story involving aliens; pirates; ponies; wumpires (not the handsome, brooding kind); and a stegosaurus professor who pilots a Floaty-Ball-Person-Carrier (which looks suspiciously like a hot-air balloon). There is time travel, treachery, and ample adventure, and, fortunately, the milk he has procured is rescued at every turn."

Yes, I love this concept. It sounds delightfully zany and oddball, I can see it working as a stop-motion feature because the medium really lends itself to stories like this. Animal Logic (Happy Feet, The Lego Movie) is set to do the animation. I wonder what direction they'll go with the animation. Part of me hopes they go for 2D or stop-motion, but I'm sure CG will be the name of the game. If so, then I hope they go a different route with it. Hopefully the designs and whatnot resemble the book cover and illustrations...

Also, I think Johnny Depp - in a sea of not-so-great films that opened in the last five years - was at his best in Rango. Perhaps he should simply do more voice work, because he was excellent in Rango, and Rango was an excellent movie in my opinion. We need more Rango-esque films, if you ask me...

Anyways, what else can I say? It sounds awesome: An Edgar Wright-directed animated feature is enough of a selling point for me, add in "bizarro Gaiman adaptation", now I'm really sold. The big question, of course, is this... Will Fox pick it up?

Let's hope it happens! What say you?

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