Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Trailersaurus: Final 'Good Dinosaur' Trailer Debuts [UPDATE]

It's about time! The second full trailer for The Good Dinosaur has finally come!

I would've reckoned one would come after the sizzle reel-esque full trailer from July, and now one is here...

So what did I think? It's actually very good, which I'm happy to say, considering that most trailers for animated films tend to be a mixed bag for me. This trailer had what I expected, considering that a good chunk of it was teased via minute-long previews that Pixar unleashed in the last few weeks. We get some details on how Arlo gets separated from his family, how he meets Spot, then we get a good idea of what his perilous adventure will be like, bits on his quest to be a braver dinosaur (it's been said before that he feels like the weakling of his family, and that the story will be a coming of age tale), and how nature itself - as we've been told before - will be the film's antagonist in the same way it was in Finding Nemo.

One thing that was cool about this new trailer was that we got a better idea of who the T-rexes are. From what I gather, they are... Cowboys? Right down to the names (Butch, Ramsey, Nash) and accents, and it seems like they are in charge of keeping gnarly velociraptors (it was great to finally see what they look like!) away from bison latifrons.

Before The Good Dinosaur saw its notorious director change almost exactly two years ago, the film was going to show how dinosaurs became human-like in this alternate universe. Arlo's family would be Amish-like farmers, for example. However, it seemed like all of that was out the window after the switch... Until it was confirmed later that the farmer angle would be back. The T-rexes and their jobs more than confirm that to me, so it'll be cool to see what other jobs the dinosaurs themselves take on. Our look at the Shaman styracosaur character - Forrest Woodbush - is also cool, showing that he'll be eccentric comic relief.

My best guess is that Arlo makes a deal with the tyrannosaurs in order to not get eaten, or to get protection, or a way back home. Maybe since bison latifrons are present, maybe the trio sees no need to eat Arlo? I don't know. I love these guessing games, as per usual with upcoming Pixar films. I think this trailer also solidifies that this won't be like other animated dinosaur movies, despite sharing some similarities with one particular film.

The trailer also packs in the more emotional bits. I'm sure the scene by the river is probably going to be one of the big tearjerkers of the movie. That particular sequence was shown at Cannes and D23, and a lot of the people who attended both events got misty-eyed. Pixar once again working the magic...

So yes, Good Dinosaur's new trailer is good. I think everything is mixed together nicely and the editing is pretty solid. That's rare coming from me, because usually a trailer for an animated film is a loud mess of jokes, some story bits, and more jokes. This is one of the best full trailers for an animated film in a long while...

I was sold on The Good Dinosaur the moment Pixar revealed it at the 2011 D23 Expo, back then all we knew was that one of their upcoming films would be set in a world where the asteroid missed. The Unitled Pixar Movie About Dinosaurs. I'm still sold on it, everything about it looks great...

What did you think of this new trailer?


Reader Tim Tran found the Brazilian trailer for the film, which I think is actually better than our domestic trailer...

It reveals a whole lot more of the world the film takes place in, so if you want certain things to remain a mystery to you, don't watch the trailer.

This trailer shows us that the apatosaurs are indeed farmers, and what the family farm is like. We get some glimpses of Arlo's family, and some really bizarre-looking chickens! They've built fences, have baskets for corn, all kinds of things. To say nothing of Wild West rancher T-rexes! They really went all out with this world!

The trailer gives us a better idea of who Arlo is, and how he really is a fraidy cat-type. Some character descriptions were released by the studio, and they also shed more light on the faces we'll see in this film.

So yes, aside from the choice of song, I think the Brazilian is tops. What say you?

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  1. im eh with the trailer, but its pixar, so i'll definitely check it out since it looks like its gonna pull those strings again.
    i found a foreign-language trailer on youtube debut today that revealed more about the film tho. Arlo and his family was farming.

    seems like the original plotline 2 years ago is still lingering in the film.