Wednesday, November 4, 2015

'Anomalisa' Trailer: The Film Looks/Sounds Great, But The Trailer Isn't...

So it's finally here... Well, it's actually been here for a few days: The trailer for Charlie Kaufman's adult stop-motion animated film, Anomalisa...

There isn't much to say here. I've already praised the story, the concept, etc. It appears to be an animated film for adults that won't *gasp* rely on shock value and gratuitous violence, sex, and swearing. No, this looks and sounds like a mature, intricate, meaningful story. From what I've read, it's essentially the other Inside Out of the year, except it's not for the younger set at all.

The trailer, however, seems to rely more on the critical praise it has gotten from the film festivals and such. Maybe it doesn't have to show much, given that Paramount probably doesn't expect this to be some kind of blockbuster. It's sure to make a splash at the Oscars, and could possibly put up a good fight against the obvious winner... Or winners... Though usually if a mainstream animated picture is "good enough", it'll win, regardless if the smaller indie is far superior. (see the 2013 animated Oscars.)

(Just by the by, for those who haven't been here before, I'll be totally content if this or Inside Out wins.)

Anyways, I was sold from the get-go. The animation is really good, hyper-real the look of it all may be. I'm essentially looking at a live-action movie in stop-motion form, but technically it looks incredible, and it cost $8 million to make... That's extremely impressive right there.

I'm more than looking forward to this, and I hope its wide release date is announced soon. What say you?


  1. Hmm, I actually hadn't heard about this until recently! Will definitely check it out.

  2. I can actually see why they're doing this. Stop-motion animation and adult animation both have, shall we say, a checkered history here in the US, so it seems Paramount is hedging its bets by downplaying the film's plot and the fact that it's animated.

  3. I saw it and I cant stop crying of how good it was, its like I saw Jesús in form of a movie