Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cracking Up: Blue Dream's 'Animal Crackers' Lands International Distributors

Remember Animal Crackers?

That particular film is the personal project of animator Scott Sava. That tale of a family trying to save a dilapidated circus from an evil uncle with the help of a magical animal crackers box that spawns animals slowly but surely made its way into production. The studio behind this picture is Sava's own Blue Dream, and they're getting help from Chinese production companies.

Sava is directing it with Disney animation legend Tony Bancroft, and is writing it with Dean Lorey (Arrested Development). Its all-star cast has been locked for a long while. Production had begun earlier in the year, and now it seems like it'll be released sometime in early 2017...

According to The Hollywood Reporter, several international distributors have picked it up. Unsurprisingly, a US distributor hasn't picked it up yet. Who will it be? Someone smaller, I reckon, someone like Lionsgate (who are distributing animated features again, but they haven't been doing... well with that) or maybe Open Road.

Who picked it up in other countries? eOne (UK/Canada), China Film Group, Entremode (South Korea), All Content Media (Russia/Baltics), Pictureworks (India), The Moments (Turkey), and MNet (South Africa). It's also expected to land in most of Eastern Europe, Iceland, Israel and the Middle East.

So, American distributors... Get on it, I say.

Interestingly enough, Sava and Blue Dream have another picture in development titled Pet Robots. What will that one be about? According to IMDb, it's about four little robots, a boy, and a grumpy toymaker stopping a rival toymaker from taking over the world.

What do you think of this project? When do you think it'll be released? Sound off below!

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