Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New 'Good Dinosaur' Clip Showcases The Film's Quiet, Atmospheric Feel

Pixar's newest is mere weeks away, so it makes sense that more Good Dinosaur marketing is starting to surface...

This clip from the film shows just what kind of experience we might be getting...

This little scene is quiet, it's soothing, it's calm, and it's very very very atmospheric... I loved every second of it.

Some of the best animated films out there are the ones that don't always talk up a storm. Pixar has shown that body language and visual storytelling can indeed work (see WALL-E and Up), and their success has shown that this kind of storytelling can indeed be accepted by audiences that are seemingly accustomed to animated movies that rely on exposition. Visually, it looks magnificent: The lighting, the color work, I mean this is roughly a minute of the film... Combined with what we have seen in the trailers, this just looks like a visual masterpiece. I don't need to say anymore...

Director Pete Sohn had said in a few interviews this past summer that he was inspired by Walt Disney's early films when making this movie, films like Dumbo and Bambi, films that didn't have much dialogue and instead relied on visceral storytelling. It's more than great to see that way of filmmaking alive (in live-action too, go watch Mad Max: Fury Road and be amazed), especially in a day and age where some writers seem to rag on or disrespect Walt's films more than anything.

The clip also, to me, has a Lion King vibe. It really reminded me of that film's 'Great Kings' sequence, the sequence where Mufasa and Simba look up the skies, one of the film's high points.

But again... I just like that it's quiet, like really quiet. They speak softly throughout the scene, the atmosphere is really strong. I hope the majority of the film is like this. From what I've heard, it definitely will be.

I think we're in for another Emeryville house-made masterpiece. What say you?

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