Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dropping In: Frenetic 'Storks' Teaser Surfaces

With the first look surfacing yesterday, the teaser for Warner Animation Group's second film Storks is finally here!

... And it's a pretty good teaser, I must say. I had speculated that the film would promise lots of well-timed slapstick and physical comedy, because ex-Pixar animator Doug Sweetland is directing it. He directed the Pixar short Presto, which featured some excellent slapstick, showing that CG could indeed pull off the madness and frenetic fun of the funniest Golden Age cartoons. And this was before the likes of Hotel Transylvania and Madagascar 3.

It appears that Storks will indeed have that energy, as this teaser has a lot going on. It makes for a few chuckles, and I like that the teaser specifies that it's from Warner Animation. It's also nice to know that Key & Peele themselves will be in it. They've been locking into a lot of animation lately: This, Henry Selick's Wendell and Wild, The Angry Birds Movie, The Lego Movie, Rick & Morty, Bob's Burgers, and so on. It's kind of weird that the trailer doesn't mention who will voice Tulip though, considering that she's a main character and is prominent throughout the whole teaser.

Other than that... Yeah, I think it looks like it could be a lot of fun!

What did you think of the teaser? Sound off below!

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